Dr Yannis' July 2020 Focus


I’ve curated a recommendation of three treatments and procedures to book now whether you’ll be spending the rest of this short-lived summer at home or jetting away.



Botox & Fillers

Due to the temporary nature of injectables, many will have found their Botox and fillers have worn off over the past few months. The ongoing facetime experience has also left others finding new cosmetic concerns.

The minimal-downtime treatments have the benefit of offering subtle and natural rejuvenation for a refreshed look, with short treatment time, meaning less time spent in-clinic. They also offer almost instant results so that patients can reveal their brighter and smoother appearance in time for their exciting dinner reservations or next trip.

Botox is not only great for wrinkles but also works well for the lower face to lift downturned and moody-looking mouth corners. Specifically, ‘The Nefertiti’ approach is a Botox technique that can smooth the skin around the lower face and jaw, lessen necklines, and reduce neck bands (platysma bands).

We’ll do our best to accommodate your availability and get you an appointment at 111 Harley St. However, if your appointment is not as soon as you’d like, I’d recommend the use of our 111SKIN Celestial Black Diamond Eye Cream that contains Argireline. This peptide mimics the effects of Botox when you apply it to your skin, softening fine lines around the eyes.

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The demand for injectables is still on the rise, and one treatment that should take priority is Profhilo. Having been inside for so many months, our skin needs hydration. This unique type of treatment contains hyaluronic acid – a molecule that can hold up to 30x its weight in water. Unlike other types of dermal fillers, Profhilo has a smoother consistency with the ability to restore the skin’s dewy bounce.

As the Profhilo solution spreads, it synthesises two different types of collagen that will reduce fines lines and wrinkles, improve overall skin texture, and provide a subtle firming and lifting effect. This treatment is ideal for new patients who are looking for a gradually improving and natural-looking enhancement.

It’s a suitable remodelling treatment and improves skin texture and hydration on the face, neck, chest, hands and knees.

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breast aug

Breast Augmentation

This downtime over the past few months has allowed many of us to self-reflect. For those considering surgery, it has been the opportune time for thorough research. As society starts to transition back to normal, now would be ideal to book in your breast augmentation.

Patients can take full advantage of the digital consultation process. Though we will ensure you feel as comfortable, safe and assured as possible with your choices and decision, virtual appointments can help to eliminate some of the face-to-face nerves that come naturally to many.

The recovery for breast augmentation is usually around two to three weeks, which means that patients can still have time to recover without the interference of the every-day lifestyle.

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Skincare Prescription

We’ll do our best to find you a suitable appointment, but if you’re unable to secure a treatment time that suits you, try our Celestial Black Diamond Range with formulations that are based on ground-breaking research to replicate in-clinic treatments at home. Call 0344 692 1111 to book your appointment. Please note we have limited appointment availability.


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