Post Lockdown Treatments

After over eight weeks of being indoors on lockdown, your skin may be looking a little lax, with fine lines and wrinkles re-emerging. There are several skin concerns you may be battling with during this time. Still, thankfully our lead injector and practitioners have devised a combination treatment approach to lift and enliven the skin.

From stress and sleepless nights to skincare overhauls, some of the factors that may have disrupted your skin include…

Post-Lockdown Treatment Suggestions


Many of us will have experienced an increase in extra sugars after finding a new-found love for baking, wine and banana bread during lockdown. This spike in insulin weakens the proteins that we rely on for building collagen and elastin. With this depletion, you might expect to see fine lines and wrinkles and a loss of skin firmness.Another significant effect that sugar has on the skin is increasing inflammation. Consequently, you might expect more breakouts or flare-ups of skin conditions like eczema or dermatitis.Profhilo is an injectable treatment that differs from dermal fillers as it works to tighten and lift lax skin, as well as improve skin quality for overall rejuvenation. It’s an excellent treatment for both the face and the neck. Thermage is an alternative radiofrequency treatment option that will give lifting and tightening results (and we can optimise the treatment with Mesotherapy to revive sluggish cells and re-strengthen your repair barrier). Lastly, Botox can alleviate the stress furrows that may have started to form between the brows. Some will have been fortunate enough to have spent a lot of time in the sun recently, and Botox will also help to soften the crow’s feet that you might see around the eyes.


A lack of sleep can prevent skin healing and recovering efficiently. When coupled with worry, an inflammatory response can occur. The skin regenerates and resurfaces overnight, and we can emulate this reparative response with PRP treatment. By using your platelets, the body utilises its healing properties to recover from damage and inflammation, for a glow-inducing result.With the use of dermal filler, we can also restore facial volume and reduce the dark circles, emphasised by many sleepless nights.


The extra time on our hands has seen some of us overhauling our skincare regimes and experimenting with active ingredients. However, the experimentation with acids or other exfoliating agents could disrupt PH levels, leading to an impaired barrier function. When the skin barrier function becomes compromised, you may see flaking, dryness, redness, pimples and skin conditions like dermatitis. Mesotherapy is an injectable treatment that fortifies and restores the skin’s barrier function while improving hydrations levels and preventing further damage to the skin in the future. Combining the treatment with Thermage will also give an overall de-puffing and lifting effect.   TO BOOK A TREATMENT, PLEASE CALL 0344 692 1111.

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