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There are two forms of laser hair removal we offer.

1. The Alexandrite Laser is ideal for skin types that sit between 1-3 on the Fitzpatrick scale, meaning white, beige and slightly tan. This is the stronger laser of the two, with higher absorption of melanin that means it can target very fine hair.

2. The Nd YAG Laser can be used on all skin types from 1 through 6 as it is less sensitive to melanin in the skin, meaning it is ideal for darker skin tones.

As with everything we do at 111 Harley St., we customise all Laser Hair Removal treatments depending on the patient. Following a thorough consultation and patch test, a course will be prescribed and guidelines for homecare  (such as not to pluck, wax or tweeze) will be communicated.

How often should I have Laser Hair Removal





This differs depending on the area treated due to the different cycles of hair and their varying thicknesses.

Face – Every 4 weeks

Body – Every 6-8 Weeks

Post Treatment of Laser Hair Removal





After the treatment, there is minimal redness and irritation which should entirely disappear in 24 hours. SPF should be applied as usual but all patients can resume daily activities, save  intensive sport.


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