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At 111 Harley St., a neck lift can dramatically restore the neck by lifting, tightening and eliminating any sagging skin. By tightening the midline of the neck, the procedure.

– Removes any excess skin in the lower face and jowls
– Removes the fat that deposits underneath the chin
– Creates visible muscle bands down the neck

This procedure is suitable for anyone noticing visible signs of ageing and the build-up of fatty tissue underneath the chin.


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Or known as the Y FACELIFT at 111 Harley St., the treatment was created to address both the sagging in the lower face and the neck region. The premise behind the ‘Y’ starts along the jawline (from ear to ear) toward the chin and down the neck. By concentrating on this area, it contours and defines the area with a neat incision that is disguised in the fold of and behind the ear.

Benefiting a wide age range, a facelift smooths the appearance and lifts the skin.




It is important to be aware of below.

– A neck or facelift doesn’t change your overall appearance or halt the ageing process.
– A neck lift isn’t always recommended to treat jowls or sagging skin – especially if the concern begins with the loss of their underlying facial structures. A facelift and dermal fillers can be used to replace lost bone structure and fat.
– A neck lift is a great solution for when it has visibly aged quicker than the face.
– The face and neck surgery may be done together depending on concern, to optimise results

We always recommend coming in for a consultation to discuss your best options and treatment.




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