Summer Facial for Acne London
HydroFacial Plus

HydroFacial Plus

One of the most fundamental factors when treating acne is to cleanse the skin as often as possible. Regularly removing the build of bacteria minimises the potential breakouts and reduces the risk of inflammation and PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation). One of the most innovative and popular facials for a thorough and deep cleanse is a HydroFacial Plus, exclusively at 111 Harley St., it uses the advanced technology of water through a custom delivery system to cleanse, exfoliate, extract and infuse the skin.

The vortex-fuxion uses both suction and infusion to slough away dead skin cells as well as extracts any deep-rooted impurities your cleanser or regular routine can miss on a daily basis. The technology similarly hydrates the skin, 20x more efficiently than topical serums – an essential factor in balancing the skin’s microbiome and minimising the development of oil production overall. With no downtime required and instant results are seen after just one treatment, it’s the classic facial with a twist.

Clarity Facial

111 Clarity Facial

If there is one way of controlling and balancing acne it would be to control and minimise breakouts, oil, and congestion. By focusing on these symptoms, the skin won’t be as conditioned to a cycle of inflammation, hyperpigmentation, and impurities. The Clarity Facial, only available at 111Harley St is an acne-focused facial that clarifies the skin. Combining light and laser-based technology, it penetrates toward the dermis in order to cleanse and clarify the skin from the inside out. Following this with steam and massage, the skin benefits from both internal and external resurfacing with the results promoting a healthier, smoother, and clearer complexion.

Lightfinity Facial Acne

Lightfinity Facial

Fusing science and skincare, our Lightfinity Facial uses the Celluma technology to concentrate a safe but efficacious LED response to the skin. The photo facial system encourages advanced fibroblast technology to target the acne lesions and essentially kill the bacteria that would then collect in the pores. Working in a myriad of ways – the facial also focuses on improving inflammation, reducing pigmentation and reducing the p.acnes bacteria.



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