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Risks and complications of Breast Augmentations


It is possible in the following few weeks after the operation that you could get an infection in your breast tissue. This will showcase itself in symptoms such as soreness, swelling and in some more serious cases, a fever. If you do experience any of these side effects, consult your surgeon immediately where we will work on a course of action that may resolve in getting the implant removed.

Capsular Contraction

A rather common problem often associated with breast enlargement, and it is when the body forms a layer of scarring around the implant, causing scar tissue to build up over time. It can be rather uncomfortable, and the breast may change to shape to a more round and constricted shape. In this case, we will attempt to remove the scar tissue or change the implant completely.


Due to the severe change in the breast tissue and skin, the area may become extremely sensitive, and this is extremely normal. In some cases, sensitivity may be permanent but for many it subsides over time.


You may experience bleeding for the first few hours or days post-surgery, if this is the case and it raises concern, immediately speak to the surgeon who then decides on the best course of action.


The outer cover of the shell of the implants can sometimes be prone to wrinkling. This will cause a rippling effect on the side of the breasts.

What should we do after Breast Augmentation

What to do in case of concern?

Please speak to your surgeon or medical advisor at the clinic immediately, your post-operative care is at utmost importance.

What steps should be taken to prevent these complications from happening?

At 111 Harley St., we work with the most advanced technologies that are vital at minimising complications post-surgery. We use micro textured implants and advanced surgical techniques to avoid the implant from either leaking or being rejected in the body. We also don’t touch the implant, instead using a surgical device to insert into the breast to minimise the exposure to the implant. In addition to our post-operative care guide, we provide medication that helps with the healing process as well as recommend wearing a sports bra for 6 weeks after surgery to support the implants.



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