Treatment for Dark Circles London

Treatments For Dark Circles

It is important to target dark circles from a multidimensional approach – lifestyle, pigment and volume.

Dark Circles under eyes


This can range from increasing the amount of water you consume to increasing your sleep time to taking time out of stressful periods to find centre and balance – you will be surprised at the results once you factor in your day to day habits.

Eye mask for dark circles


Like any form of pigmentation, there is a multi-layered approach in helping the appearance overall. From introducing skin lightening actives such as retinoids or Vitamin C to improve the appearance or introducing antioxidants that help to reduce the skin’s pigment, such as 111SKIN Celestial Black Diamond Eye Mask and Space Defence Bright Eye Lift Gel. In-clinic treatments such as skin peels are a transformative option for improving the appearance of dark circles, they help to slough away dead skin cells and introduce new cells, reducing the appearance of dark circles overall.

Tear Trough Fillers


It is common for volume to decrease in the face overtime and whilst topical treatments may be used as a secondary option, the most recommended treatment is Tear Trough Fillers. The procedure involves replacing the lost volume and smoothing, contouring and lifting the eye area.

Lower Blepharoplasty for Dark circle and eye bags

360 Approach

Although surgically invasive, another option for significantly improving the eye area is Lower Blepharoplasty or commonly known as ‘Eyelid Surgery’. This procedure involves getting rid of any excess skin from around the area that may be causing sagging and the appearance of fatigue. Extensive but transformative, the periorbital area will appear lifted, tightened and creates an overall youthful appearance.



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