Liposuction VS Tummy Tuck
Tummy Tuck London

What is Liposuction and Tummy Tucks for?

Both Liposuction and Vaser Liposuction are body contouring procedures that target the unwanted fat cells across the body. Although marginally different in process, they both work to remove excess fat, skin and tissue for a slimmer and more toned silhouette. Tummy tucks focus on the skin around the area, in this surgical procedure, the skin is removed, effectively tightening and smoothing the area.

What areas can be treated?

With a tummy tuck only the abdomen can be treated, whereas with liposuction – it can be applied to anywhere on the body where unwanted fat cells reside.

Liposuction London

How do I know if I’m suitable for either?

We do recommend that patients are close to their ideal body weight for these type of procedures but the main factor is for patients wanting to improve the skin around the stomach, part of a healthy weight loss plan or post-pregnancy,

What are the main benefits of either a Tummy tuck or Liposuction procedure?

Benefits of a tummy tuck:
– Excess skin is permanently removed
– Smoother abdomen
– Flatter and firmer stomach

Benefits of liposuction:
– The body is transformed with a more defined and contoured results
– Results are permanent alongside a healthy lifestyle
– Flatter and firmer stomach area
– Can be specific on the areas wanting to be treated
– Results in tighter and contoured skin & muscles


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