Fat Transfer to Breast

Essentially, Pros and Con of Fat Transfer

Pros of Fat Transfer Augmentation
– Avoids foreign implants and uses the body’s fat.
– No guarantee that the bloody supply will pick up around the fat.
– Confidence restored

Con’s of Fat Transfer Augmentation
– Volume isn’t permanent; changes in the body’s fat mass can change over time.
– Loss of transferred fat is likely.

What you Need to Consider
– It can fix small issues for those wanting to make small significant changes, i.e. asymmetry, slight size differences and volume.
– Two benefits in one, fat transfer breast augmentation are ideal for those wanting to reduce fat in other areas of the body and want to increase the volume size of their breasts.
– A natural solution without surgery for bigger and fuller breasts.

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Dr Reza Alamouti is masterful in plastic surgery and has trained and practised at surgical units such as St Thomas’ Hospital, The Royal London Hospital and The London Clinic. With over 20 years of experience, Dr Alamouti is a credit to the field with the highest standards well respected in the industry.

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