How long do Jaw Fillers Last?

One of the luxuries of facial fillers is that they require little to no downtime but are visible immediately after insertion. While the exact lasting period of filler depends from patient to patient, the hyaluronic acid filler can last anywhere up to 2 years. Still, a top-up is recommended between 9-12 months.

You can help sustain the length of jawline filler by protecting your skin from sun exposure with daily SPF application, drinking lots of water, moisturising skin, keeping stress to a minimum and maintaining a healthy diet.

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Before, during and aftercare?

Our in-clinic team will walk through the procedure during the consultation process and conduct a medical run-through of your history for safety. This is the time to ask as many questions as you have, with our team of friendly experts being at hand to answer any of your concerns.

However, before the procedure, our experts recommend that you avoid any alcohol to avoid any facial puffing and inflammation before fillers and avoid any potential skin irritants such as retinol or facial hair removal.

The procedure is straightforward; a numbing cream will be applied to the area beforehand to help minimise any discomfort from the needle. You may feel slight pressure when the needle is injected into the skin and a strange feeling when the filler is administered, but minimal discomfort.

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Any side effects?

Like any medical treatment, there are side effects to consider;

– Mild swelling (however, this is normal and should subside after a day or two).
– Redness
– Itching and irritation
– Infection
– Inflammatory skin reaction
– Skin lumps

*If you receive any side effects longer than recommended, please consult your doctor.

Jaw Augmentation Alternatives

While jawline filler is a common and popular treatment, it isn’t always an option for everyone; therefore, other options are as hared below;
– Diet and exercise to lose fat.
Botox can also be used to help slim the face and also alleviate any jaw pain from clenching teeth.
Accent Prime helps to kill fat cells under the chin over time.
Jaw Surgery is the most invasive option but with permanent results.

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