Fat Transfer and Facial Volume Enhancement
Also known as micrografting, fat transfer and facial volume procedures help replenish fat in areas of the face using one’s body fat. Both a safe and effective procedure, it can remove fat using popular methods such as liposuction and from places such as the abdomen, flanks, hips and thighs and re-distribute the fat to areas of the face and body to enhance a natural and long-lasting finish.

While dermal fillers are an option for volumising skin, nothing is more natural and permanent than using your fat and getting it redistributed. Re-shifting the fat in your body (especially to areas of the face) can be used to fill out any hollows or wrinkles in the skin. Advancing natural contours, the fat will overfill the targeted area, but afterwards, the body will absorb the injected fat and refine itself for a natural and fuller overall look.


Benefits of Fat Transfer Surgery
There are a range of benefits for those wanting to consider Fat Transfer Surgery, and they include;
– Restores lost facial volume
– Plumps and enhances skin
– Smoothes facial lines and wrinkles
– Fills sunken eyes and cheeks
– Removes unwanted fat from other areas of the body
– Uses 100% fat from one own body
– Custom and tailored results
Provides permanent enhancement.

Discover more about our procedure: Facial Fat Transfer Surgery

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