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Is Aqualyx Painful?

Aqualyx isn’t considered painful, but the treatment isn’t very comfortable. Do note that the substance is mixed with a local anaesthetic to help minimise the discomfort while dissolving the pockets of fat. The targeted fat cells will then be subject to the body’s natural disposal process, and the fat will naturally dispel through your urine.

What Can You Expect Post-Treatment?

After your Aqualyx treatment, you can expect to experience some form of swelling and maybe even redness in the areas, but these will subside as the body continues to heal. And do note, this completely subsides 3-4 weeks post-treatment.

Are Fat Dissolving Treatments Effective and safe?

Aqualyx is an extremely safe fat-dissolving procedure, with at least 2 million Aqualyxx treatments carried out worldwide. Aqualyx is an effective treatment for permanently dissolving fat, with results seen just after one treatment. However, for even greater results, a series of 2-3 facial treatments and up to 8 body treatments are suggested for overall results between a 4-6 session period.

Accent Prime

Other Recommended Fat Dissolving Options

Accent Prime
Combining the power of ultrasound and radiofrequency, Accent Prime breaks down the unwanted fat whilst lifting and tightening the skin around the area for maximum results. The treatment can be done on either face or body, with impressive results seen just after the first treatment.



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