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It’s called the Deep Plane Facelift because it works by gently revealing the anatomical plane between the muscles, the skin’s plasma, and fibrous tissue, known as the SMAS, and then uniquely lifts all elements vertically for an immediate result. By working under the muscles, it means the skin will maintain a sense of naturalness and won’t look too tight or stretched – and of course, our top Harley Street surgeon, Dr Yannis, will ensure tension-free movement with any of his facelift procedures.

The Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System (abbreviated to the SMAS) and Platysma layers of skin play massive roles in the ageing process. The SMAS is located between the fat and dermal layers of skin and contains muscles and facial nerve branches.

The Platysma is an extension of the SMAS that extends down to the neckline where it becomes a separate muscle – and like all muscles, they weaken over time, leading to jowls or draping lower facial skin.

Over time, the skin may lose volume – a process called atrophy – or increase in size, called hypertrophy – which is why repositioning both the SMAS and Platysma layers will help defy the effects of gravity and promote the ultimate agelessness. Then, once treated, they contribute immensely to an overall anti-aged appearance.

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Compared to traditional facelifts, the Deep Plane Facelift lifts the skin as one and would be great for anyone looking for a lower face lift, or someone looking to improve the appearance of jowls. As other facelifts – like the mini face lift or a classic lift – work on a more superficial, epidermal level, the Deep Plane ensures a beautifully striking effect. One benefit of the Deep Plane versus other facelifts means you’ll still look like you. It’s a transformation unlike any other.


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As mentioned earlier, the Deep Plane Facelift targets the deep fibrous SMAS tissues and elevates them as one to achieve a dramatic lift – that still looks natural. There are two types of Deep Plane Facelift – the original one and the Extended Deep Plane. The extended version offers a more rejuvenated result, but means the facial incision is lengthened. However, Dr Yannis will ensure any incision made follows the skin’s natural lines and folds for maximum discretion. ­­


Dr Yannis’ eponymous and pioneering facelift has been developed with his own extensive understanding of the ageing process and the places it effects most ­– and yes, the neck is one of them! The areas this facelift targets are similar to the shape of a ‘Y’. The top part of the letter acts as the jawline and lower face, and the stem as the neck which will provide contour and re-definition across these regions. Plus, the incision is disguised in the fold of the ear and behind it.


A traditional facelift will work on your whole appearance by contracting the epidermis. It addresses ageing of the lower and upper face, brows and neck – offering total revitalisation. Dr Yannis will remove any excess skin to lift it into a more youthful position and finish the procedure by concealing the incisions along the natural creases.

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SMAS Facelift works on a similar level to the Deep Plane Facelift and delicately reveals the SMAS layers of skin. However, compared to the Deep Plane Facelift that moves the skin and muscle as one to maximise facial harmony, the SMAS Facelift separates the SMAS layer of skin and the superficial fat, so both can be improved as separate entities. Depending on your facial composition and severity of laxity, Dr Yannis will expertly examine your appearance to identify which facelift will give you the best results.


The mini facelift is suited to those looking for a subtle rejuvenation with minimal downtime. It’s ideal for patients looking to rapidly offset the early signs of ageing, or the worsening of jowls or skin laxity issues before they develop further.


The thread face lift is one non-surgical route to consider, especially if you’re considering a transformation without the invasiveness of surgery. Our Soft Thread Lift means you can achieve your dream appearance, improve the appearance of wrinkles and boost collagen production for up to a year afterwards.


An infographic outlining the benefits of a Deep Plane Facelift


One of the biggest benefits Deep Plane Facelift offers is a newfound vitality – instantly. Plus, it’s a fast way to target any ageing or laxity concerns: all it takes is one procedure to give you the results a non-surgical treatment may take a year to do (or more).

Some benefits are:

  • Diminishes wrinkles
  • Skin is lifted vertically to counteract sagginess
  • Cheekbones and cheek structure is enhanced
  • Restores Volume
  • Appearance of lower face, jowls and nasolabial folds are improved
  • Defines the whole jawline
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Concerns & Areas That Can Be Treated


  • Hollowness in the cheek/protibial areas
  • Targets deep nasolabial folds
  • Ideal for those looking to remove buccal fat or facial fullness

Lower face

  • Jowls
  • Asymmetrical jawline or sagging skin over chin line
  • Diminishes marionette lines – the vertical lines between the corners of the mouth and chin


  • Wrinkled, pleated neckline
  • Dramatically improves the appearance of Platysmal bands – the vertical lines that appear on your neck
  • Loose neck skin
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Lips and Chin

  • Age-related loss of upper and lower lip volume
  • Smooths smoker and lipstick lines – known as perioral rhytids


  • Tightens upper and lower eyelids
  • Hollowed tear trough area
  • Crepey temples
  • Heavy, low eyebrows
  • Any forehead laxity

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Dr Yannis Alexandrides MD FACS

Not only 111 Harley St.’s Founder and Medical Director, Dr Yannis is also our triple-board certified resident doctor.

Facelifts are a speciality of his that has been crafted through his over 20 years of medical expertise, deep understanding of the ageing process and extensive knowledge of facial anatomy. He is also a pioneer of facelifts with his eponymous Y Facelift technique and the founder of 111SKIN.

Alongside creating exceptional transformations, his excellent eye and skill has ensured that 111 Harley St. remain at the forefront of surgical innovation.



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