PRP stands for ‘Platelet-Rich Plasma’ and is nicknamed the ‘Vampire Facial’ because of how it uniquely extracts the nutrients present in your blood (the medical name for which is ‘plasma’) – such as platelets, proteins, and growth factors – and re-introduces them into other areas of the face/body in micro-injections. It also gets the name ‘Vampire Facial’ as at the end of the treatment, the final syringe of plasma is lathered over the skin like a serum to optimise absorption – in a true gothic fashion.

Although it sounds gory, this facial is a revolutionary type of microneedling – it’s just one example of how far non-surgical treatments have come. These days, non-surgical advancements mean you don’t need to undergo a full surgical procedure to achieve dramatic rejuvenation and regeneration. But instead with a short course of ‘no-downtime treatments’ that harness the latest biological science to target an array of aesthetic and medical concerns – just like the PRP facial!

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Blood (plasma) contains an abundance of essential elements that ensure we remain healthy and alive – primarily platelets and red and white blood cells. Each element plays an important function: red blood cells transport oxygen from the lungs and releases it into cells in the body. White blood cells act as our immune system and helps us fight off bacteria and viruses, and finally, platelets play great processes in healing cuts and wounds.

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In this treatment, however, we only want to reap the benefits of the platelets which is why during the treatment you can expect someone from our phenomenal Non-Surgical Team to extract a small amount of your blood and then placing it into a centrifuge. As not all blood samples are naturally ‘platelet-rich’, we encourage a purer sample by using this machine. A centrifuge is a medical device that separates components of a fluid by spinning it at a high speed. As the platelets have a different density ­– and are actually a light red/orange colour – when separated from the rest of the other plasmal elements, this enables our expert practitioner to re-introduce this highly concentrated sample back into your desired treatment area.

Once the platelet-rich plasma is re-introduced, it triggers your natural ‘damage control’ processes, where you will produce x5 more growth factors to accelerate collagen and regenerative functions that lead to better quality skin and healthy skin.




Platetes have been shown to stimulate the healing process and increase growth factors which make it an ideal anti-ageing treatment. It is especially known for its powers in topical cell regeneration to wrinkles reduction. It also has great benefits in improving epidermal texture, treating sun-damaged skin and it can even be used to encourage hair regrowth (ideal for those with hair loss). It also can help alleviate acne scarring. So expect plumper, smoother and rejuvenated skin ­– plus not to mention, it also has immense abilities to brighten and tone your complexion.


  • Enhances your skin tone, skin health and elasticity due to its collagen stimulating properties
  • Reduce fine wrinkles and lines
  • Improves the appearance of dark shadowing under the eyes
  • Reduces scars
  • Helps to improves the symptoms of solar damage and senescence
  • Promoting even skin tone, brightness, and texture
  • Significantly improve hair growth in desired areas
  • Restores collagen levels
  • Rebuilds blood vessels

Alongside these aesthetic benefits, it also has great medical advantages for treating orthopaedic conditions and injuries obtained during sport.



Before undergoing any treatment, you’ll first have a consultation with our Non-Surgical Patient Co-Ordinator who will examine your skin and confirm your suitability for PRP.

If deemed unsuitable, we will work with you to create a bespoke treatment plan based on your needs. Our Non-Surgical Patient Co-Ordinator will then outline the potential alternative treatment paths for you to considers, ones that may be more effective in treating your needs.

For PRP, the most popular treatment areas are:

  • The Orbital Rim
  • Cheeks
  • Mid Face
  • Neck, Hands and Décolletage (perfect for creepy skin)

Some aftereffects of PRP may include redness, very mild to moderate swelling and soreness. Usually this will last for around 12-24 hours. You may also notice a tingling sensation afterwards and during the treatment, but this is a good sign that the PRP is working to stimulate cellular turnover and encourage regeneration.

To achieve the best results, we advise that you avoid swimming, sauna, sporting activities and strenuous exercise for at least 1-3 days – or until the skin looks visibly better. With PRP, your normal skincare regime can be resumed the next day if there are no signs of irritation.

You can expect to see the results in the days and weeks following the treatment, and to maintain the effects, we recommend top-up treatments to keep enhancing your appearance.




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