Who is suitable for a chin implant?

A chin enhancement could be beneficial for anyone looking to transform their lower face to create more definition. As a chin augmentation is ideal for those with a less pronounced side and front profile, this procedure can help you improve your appearance for the glass-cutting jawline of your dreams.

An under-prominent jawline is usually genetically inherited, however, if you notice your chin gradually receding over the years, you may have what is cosmetically known as ‘weak jawline’ or ‘weak chin’. 


Why does the chin recede?

The medical name of weak chin is retrogenia, which is the phenomena that describes the process of the chin inclining inward – towards the neck – rather than protruding outwardly.

Sometimes a weak chin can be effortlessly resolved cosmetically, however sometimes it can be an indication that, or a sign of:

  • The mandible is out of alignment
  • A congenital deficiency
  • A pronounced overbite.
  • Age-related bone absorption – can also be a big indicator to why your chin and jawline looks less defined than it once did

How does chin augmentation work?

Chin implants are one way to enhance your facial proportion or improve your facial harmony – which is an especially popular treatment for anyone that is bothered by a small chin or lack of contour.

As the technology has become more advanced, chin augmentation – like all the surgeries at 111 Harley St. – are even more customisable. Our top plastic surgeon, Dr Yannis – who specialises in all our facial surgeries, from chin reduction surgery or Blepharoplasty to Rhinoplasty – and will help you decide which implant would be ideal for you and your needs. We use Implantech implants for our chin enhancements as they vary in shape, consistency, pliability, and size. Plus, these implants are also anatomical – meaning they fit seamlessly on the bone.


All our implants incorporate the latest silicone and expanded polytetrafluorethylene technology that is helping drive the new future for plastic surgery – one that typifies the safe, ultra-innovative and industry-leading products our surgeons and patients love today.

So, during a typical surgery, you can expect Dr Yannis to make an incision inside of the mouth, discreetly along the crease that joins your lower lip and gum – to minimise any scarring. Then, depending on the extent of the enhancement, your implant may be fixed to the bone, or placed securely in the surgical pocket made from Dr Yannis. Usually this takes around one hour – although this time can vary depending on the type of anaesthetic used or the surgical technique employed by Dr Yannis. This procedure is also popularity performed alongside Facelifts and Rhinoplasties to enhance the result – which is ideal for anyone leaning towards a combination approach to dramatically re-establish facial harmony.

Chin Implants vs Chin Surgery

The technique employed by Dr Yannis will be chosen depending on the severity of the issue and your suitability. There are two types of chin augmentations, and the one Dr Yannis offers is much less invasive. These techniques are called a menoplasty or a genioplasty. A menoplasty involves more structural alterations on the mandibular (the name of the jawbone) – which would be beneficial for those with an overbite or a congenital defect that has resulted in a weakened, recessed chin. The other technique, the one Dr Yannis performs more regularly, is called a genioplasty. This is a more traditional chin augmentation with less downtime that uses implants to make a natural transformation. The surgical route will be confirmed after your initial facial evaluation and consultation.


The Benefits of Chin Implants

  • Improves facial proportions
  • Has a natural contouring effect
  • Helps improve the appearance of long-standing medical issues, such as jaw misalignment
  • Immediate improvements


The first step in your journey towards your ideal appearance is contacting us, then we can arrange a time that suites you and Dr Yannis. One the day has been confirmed, you’ll meet Dr Yannis in his office at 111 Harley Street, or you can have a virtual appointment if that is more convenient for you.

Dr Yannis will then evaluate your health, skin and underlying bone (this will have to be done in person, not during a virtual consultation), and discuss your goals for the surgery. It is during this time you’ll be able to learn everything you need to know about chin augmentation and whether this is the right surgical route for you. Dr Yannis may outline some other non-surgical options, such as dermal fillers, and disclose the chin implant cost and other queries you may want to know.




Pre-Surgery and Aftercare Tips

Before any surgical procedure, we want you to be in your optimal health which is why we advise you not drink for two weeks or take any over-the-counter medications (like pain relief or homeopathic medicants before your scheduled surgery also). Think of it as like a detox – we want your body to be in its natural state – as some medications or alcohol may implicate the production of the best results.

After your surgery, you can expect some swelling, puffiness or bruising. This should hopefully subside in the weeks following and can be aided by 111SKIN’s Y Theorem Repair Serum and the Reparative Beauty Dose. Generally, it is strongly advised to take it very easy – which includes no strenuous activity and overall being gentler and kinder to yourself. As healing is a process you may not be feeling like your best which is extremely normal.

We also recommend avoiding spicy, crunchy and acidy foods as this may be uncomfortable – especially as the incisions were made in your mouth. You may also benefit from using anti-bacterial mouthwash several times a day to reduce the risk of irritation.


Our Quick Guide to Chin Implants

  • Procedure Time: Usually 1 Hour
  • Hospital Stay: Day-Case
  • Anaesthesia: Local or General
  • Recovery Time: Return to Work in Around 7 Days. Visible Signs Improve After 7-14 Days
  • Lasting Effects: Indefinitely, Most Patients Do Not Require Further Surgery
  • Age Restriction: 18+ Years Old


Dr Yannis Alexandrides MD FACS

Not only is Dr Yannis 111 Harley St.’s Founder and Medical Director, but he’s also our triple-board certified resident doctor.

Facial Surgeries are a speciality of his that has been crafted through his 20+ years of medical expertise, combined with his deep understanding of the facial architecture and extensive knowledge of anatomical harmony. Alongside creating exceptional transformations, his excellent eye and skill has ensured that 111 Harley St. remains at the forefront of surgical innovation.



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