What is Jaw Reshaping?

The shape of the jaw plays an integral role in a harmonic appearance, which is why Jaw Reshaping is a cosmetic issue a lot of our patients seek advice on. Whether you’re looking for an augmentation including a chin implant, reduction, or non-surgical approach, we’ll be able to transform the appearance of your lower mandible seamlessly.




Which Type of Jaw Reshaping Is Suitable For Me?

If you’re looking to create more definition or create a stronger shape, Jaw Augmentation may be for you. 

Jaw Augmentation, also known as chin implants, can enhance your facial proportion or improve your facial harmony – which is an especially popular treatment for anyone that is bothered by a small chin or lack of contour and definition. We often see male patients wanting to accentuate their jawlines with a Chin Augmentation as they are looking to create a squarer shape.

It works by inserting anatomical implants to the chin – this means they fit seamlessly to the bone. All our implants vary in shape, consistency, pliability, and size. They are made of the latest silicone and expanded polytetrafluorethylene technology that is helping drive the new future for plastic surgery – one that typifies the safe, ultra-innovative and industry-leading products our surgeons and patients love today.

This procedure involves making an incision inside of the mouth, discreetly along the crease that joins your lower lip and gum – to minimise any scarring so there will be no external signs of surgery. Then, depending on the extent of the enhancement, your implant may be fixed to the bone, or placed securely in the surgical pocket made.


If you’re looking to reduce, narrow or give the appearance of a slimmer face, Jaw Reduction is one route to consider. Can create v-shape or a more oval shape.

Also known as a Chin Reduction, this procedure works to alter, sculpt and shape the lower mandible. This is a minimally invasive, atraumatic procedure that employs the use of an ultrasonic instrument called a Piezo to improve the projection of the jawline.

A Piezo is renowned for its increased accuracy and precision and is a procedure Dr Yannis is highly experienced in performing. The ultra-innovative technology means it lastingly helps you achieve your ideal jaw shape and it expertly sculpts without the long downtime traditionally associated with Jaw Reductions.

Some of the benefits of this kind of jaw reduction surgery are that it has minimal swelling, produces no external scarring, and has a shorter recovery time ­– where you’ll see massive improvements in appearance just one week post-surgery.



For an asymmetrical jawline, a combination of both may be necessary.

As Jaw Reshaping is so versatile, Dr Yannis will be able to combine the power of both a Jaw Reduction and Augmentation to resolve any asymmetry present. Unequal proportions can conflict with facial harmony and may skew how the face looks as a whole aesthetic, often, this approach proves most desirable.




Non-Surgical Options

We have a plethora of non-surgical options to help redefine your chin and jawline including including:

Masseter Botox Injections

Botox is one of the most well-known anti wrinkle injections, but when administered into the correct area, it can also act as a jaw slimming surgery alternative – one that can help you achieve a more angular, V-shaped appearance.

It is called masseter Botox as it is injected into the masseter muscle, which is present between the cheekbone and lower mandible. Once injected, it can help slim the face by reducing the movement of the masseter that contributes to a stronger jawline and lasts for around 6-8 months.


Dermal Fillers

For those looking to accentuate or enhance the appearance of their lower face, Dermal Fillers offer a volumizing alternative to Chin or Jaw Augmentation. These are hyaluronic acid-based fillers which can be injected into the jawline to sculpt and create your ideal shape. This treatment that can be performed by either our Aesthetic Doctor or Nurse – depending on your preference.


These fat dissolving injections can treat a wide range of aesthetic concerns including a double chin to leave you with a more defined jawline. Aqualyx is a fast, double chin treatment addresses unwanted fat under the chin with a series of injections.


Surgical Options

Fat Grafting  

Known as Facial Fat Transfer, micro-grafting or ‘lipo-sculpting’, works by utilising unwanted fat from your body and reintroducing it into the jawline or chin area to create more definition. A 2-in-1 procedure, Facial Fat Transfer enhances one area, while subtly removing fullness in another.

Fat Grafting works by using a cannula and an ultra-fine needle to delicately extract fat cells by hand to preserve their natural state. Dr Yannis will then separate the living fat cells from any debris and re-inject pure fat into the desired area. One benefit of this procedure is that the fat can be extracted from most any area of the body, but some popular ones are the abdomen or the thighs.

Submental Liposuction

This is a type of liposuction that only targets the lower face and is extremely effective in contouring and re-establishing a well-defined jawline and chin. It works by removing any excess fat around the neck and jawline that can contribute to a more recessed-looking lower face. Also known as double chin surgery, this is minimally invasive way to remove unwanted lower facial fat and restore a taut front and side profile.


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