What is PDO Threads Lift

We asked Dr Ivona to enlighten us about one of her signature treatments.

Q: So, Dr Ivona, what are Threads? 

Dr Ivona: Threads go by many names – Soft Thread Lifts, PDO thread lifts, Liquid Facelift – but they are bio-compatible threads made of hyaluronic acid are introduced under the epidermis which elevate any areas that have been affected by the signs of ageing. It can be administered all over the face, from the jawline to the neck, while also being able to reshape the brow and eye area for the coveted ‘cat-eye’ look or temporarily mimic the effect of a surgical brow lift.

Q: Why do you use Threads?

Dr Ivona: I have used threads since 2006, when I was first introduced to them in South Korea, and absolutely love the technique as it can be adjusted to work for almost every face. I use threads to improve the scaffolding of the face and simply reinforce its natural anatomy, as well as for acne scar treatments, rejuvenation and upper, lower, and middle face thread lifts.

Q: What are the benefits of Threads?

Dr Ivona: It is a minimally invasive treatment to improve sagging skin, plus as longer-lasting alternative to Botox or filler – and nowhere near as intrusive as a facelift – thread lifts are the perfect middle-ground for any candidate wanting to tighten their skin.

I often say that threads own the skin, whilst Dermal Fillers and botulinum toxins rent the skin. Threads are not just performing an instant lift, which is visible immediately, but they also offer regenerative properties with collagen production after 40 days, delivering an organic and stable lift.

Q: What areas can be treated with a Thread Lift?

Dr Ivona: The beauty of a thread lift is its versatility, and the areas that it can treat include the jawline, the eyebrows, the cheeks to revolumise them, the eye areas and neck.

Q: What’s your secret to a good treatment?

Dr Ivona: I always love to invent new treatments with threads— my signature treatment at the moment is a vertical, liquid face lift — and there’s more to come!

My secret, I would say the most important thing is knowing the anatomy and understanding an ageing anatomy is crucial. I using facial mapping techniques and design the vectors precisely to deliver the most effective treatment.

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Q: How does it work?

Dr Ivona: Bio-compatible threads are introduced under the epidermis which elevate areas to meet the patient’s goals, including those affected by the signs of ageing. During one of my treatments, you can expect me to first make an ultra-fine entry hole using a cannula needle. Then delicately insert the thread through the cannula (which acts as a protective case around the thread). When the thread is correctly positioned, I will expertly remove the cannula leaving the thread in place in the skin.

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Dr Ivona Igerc

With over 20 years of medical knowledge and expertise in her field, Dr Ivona has brought her Advanced Facial Rejuvenation to 111 Harley St. alongside her unique, specialist skills in Face Design. Her international experience has led her to create her own training programmes, treatments and teaching medical industry professionals, Aestheticians and Nurses the skills she has learnt over her decades of work in injectables. Alongside this, she is also the author of two books where she goes into greater details the practices and innovative techniques that have led her to 111 Harley St.


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