Body Changes After Pregnancy

Breast Changes

During pregnancy, your breast size increases – often becoming fuller and heavier, preparing for lactation. After childbirth, the breasts experience a change known as ptosis – this change occurs when the stretching of the ligaments and elastin that hold the fatty tissue in place come under strain. According to the Aesthetic Surgical Journal, over 55% of women experience a change in their breast position after childbirth, especially when breastfeeding.

It is important to note that not all women will experience a significant breast change post-childbirth, but there are treatments such as breast surgery that you can undergo for those who do and wish to explore the surgical options to restore their pre-pregnancy body. A breast uplift (surgically known as Mastopexy) involves lifting the breasts to a more desirable position on the body. Extensive surgery is a 100% tailored approach determined entirely by your body’s natural frame. Not only lifting the breasts, but the surgery can involve areola and nipple reduction for the overall perfect proportion between the two. For a more tailored consultation, we recommend booking a consultation with our specialists to determine the precise approach.


Abdominal Separation

A shared yet potentially permanent change post-pregnancy is abdominal separation. This develops when the abdomen muscles stretch apart, creating a gap between the stomach muscles. Whilst a natural process in the later stages of pregnancy, making way for the birth, two-thirds of women will retain some ratio of abdominal separation postpartum.

A tummy tuck is a popular approach to correcting or improving abdominal separation. As results vary and depend upon the body’s muscle quality and recovery and skin elasticity – the outcome can differ from patient to patient. However, we provide an optimal procedure that combines a tummy tuck with liposuction, which essentially addresses excess skin, a weekend muscle state, and a tighter abdominal – this custom approach is a prevalent option as it provides more significant results than advertised on the market.

Weight gain post-pregnancy

Weight Gain

It is reported that the body gains between 10kg and 12.5kg (to note, weight gain varies significantly from pregnancy to pregnancy), and one in four women hold onto 11lbs after birth. With much of the weight lost through water in the first weeks, many women experience permanent additional weight gain in the following months and years. A surgical option that permanently addresses weight gain is Liposuction, which removes unwanted fat cells from the body.

The beauty of this method is that Liposuction can transform any part of the body by removing the excess subcutaneous fat that isn’t shifted by exercise or diet alone. We do recommend combining the treatment with a tummy tuck for optimal results. Still, a consultation will determine the best approach for you in achieving results that you are happy and confident with.

It’s the mummy makeover you deserve.



How does it work?

A Mummy Makeover is inherently personalised to your unique needs – whether you want to target weakened muscles and loose skin that affects the many areas of the body after birth or another issue – we’ll create a package tailored to you.

A combination of surgical procedures is advised – where traditionally an AbdominoplastyBreast Augmentation and Liposuction is recommended.

There are many packages we can offer. For a harley street breast augmentation, this can be achieved with implants or as a lift – depending on the type of transformation you are seeking.

For example, if you’re looking to significantly shape and enlarge sagging breasts, we may recommend implants. However, we also offer a breast lift for those looking to maintain their original size and are seeking a more subtle lift and reposition.

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Of course, not all Mummy Makeovers consist of all three procedures as you may only be looking to target one concern.

If you’re interested in Liposuction, there are two options we can offer. The first one is traditional Liposuction, which can be performed almost anywhere on the body. However, popular postpartum areas are the abdominal, the thighs and the hips.

Traditional liposuction is performed using laser energy which is employed to manually remove unwanted fat cells with heat. The other option to consider would be Vaser Liposuction.

Vaser liposuction is different from classic body or stomach liposuction as it involves the use of ultrasonic technology which is able to lastingly disturb the fat cells and cause them to break down. This procedure is more suitable to those who have already lost a lot of post-pregnancy weight but are struggling to the create their desired definition or lose stubborn fat.

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Mummy Makeover Quick Guide

Ideal for: Those who are looking to restore their pre-pregnancy figure

Results First Seen: With surgical procedures, results are immediate and continue to improve after the surgery

Lasts: Indefinitely (however Liposuction does not prevent post-surgery weight gain)

Aftercare: A compression garment may be required to wear afterwards

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We are unique because of our range of surgical and non-surgical procedures performed by specialist, world-class professionals.

Mr Reza Alamouti is one of them, as our breast and body surgery specialist, he will ensure your Mummy Makeover is seamless.

We also use the most advanced breast implant technology, all our breast implants are sourced from Motiva – an exceptional brand that offers a versatile range of implants differentiating in size, shape and pliability. Motiva are unique because of their unparalleled care and commitment to creating safe implants.




Thermage Body

Non-Surgical Options

You can still achieve amazing results without surgery. Here are our most popular non-surgical Mummy Makeover options.


Thermage FLX is the next generation of the pioneering, skin tightening treatment that not only addresses the signs of ageing, but also areas affected by laxity using thermal energy.

Thermage Skin Tightening Before & After


Laser Hair Removal and Cosmetic Tattooing

With these low-maintenance treatments, you can wake up ready. Discover Cosmetic Tattooing for your eyebrows and lips, and Laser Hair Removal to minimise your hair removal routines.


The multi-purpose massage therapy treatment with rejuvenating and skin tightening benefits for the face and body. The treatment both a needle-free and laser-free alternative for those looking to target lax, crepey skin.


LPG Endermologie

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Mr Reza Alamouti is one of the world-class professionals of our 111 Harley St. team, and as our breast and body surgery specialist, he will ensure your Mummy Makeover is seamless.

He’s our fully accredited Plastic Surgeon based in London since 2006 and practices as a Consultant in both private and NHS sectors and has been awarded a position on the GMC specialist register for Plastic Surgery having trained at many prestigious and renowned units.


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