What is Potenza?

Potenza is the latest innovation in microneedling treatments to dramatically rejuvenate your skin and has caused a huge demand since we first introduced it onto 111 Harley St in 2022.

It’s a hand-held device, one where our Aestheticians will administer it to your chosen treatment area. The handpiece itself encases ultra-fine needles and emits radio-frequency simultanesouly.

The reason these technologies work so well together is because of Potenza’s innovative dual approach. As the device has an automatic mechanism that controls how deep the needles enter the skin (on average creating microscopic entry holes up to 0.5 to 4mm), you can expect a full and even rejuvenation – without any substantial dermal damage that was previously associated with microneedling tweakments or at-home DermaRollers.

Now, as the technology has become so advanced, the needles used in each Potenza treatment gently creates micro-trauma to the epidermis. This in turn, stimulates collagen production in the deeper layers of skin – called the dermis. The dermis gives structural support to the skin, it’s the area where essential, anti-ageing proteins, such as collagen and elastin, are produced. Therefore, throughout the treatment, as the skin begins to respond to this micro-trauma, it essentially tricks your body into going into repair mode where collagen production is amped up and elastin strands are further strengthened.

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Radiofrequency energy is then emitted to further tighten and renew ageing, rough or scarred skin.

During this time, the device emits both monopolar and bipolar radio waves in a single device. Monopolar and bipolar are a type of radio frequency that helps to alleviate cellulite symptoms and shrink fat. This is how Potenza gives you an immediate lift as it works to disrupt the fibres and heat the skin– causing dermal tightening.

Together, the RF and microneedling elements works towards immense skin rejuvenation – one that is unparalleled in the industry.

Is Potenza Perfect For You?

While Potenza is suitable for all skin types, those who are looking to rejuvenate their skin or wanting to target the following concerns will see the biggest benefits from it:

✓ Loss of firmness

✓ Advanced signs of ageing

✓ Skin laxity

✓ Improve skin clarity

✓ Alleviate active acne or acne scarring


Making the most of your treatment

One of the biggest benefits of Potenza is that each treatment can be tailored to deeper or more superficial deepening on your concerns.

It is also a highly bespoke treatment, one that our amazing Aestheticians, Rachael and Violeta, will adjust in align with your skin goals. This can be done by changing out Potenza tips.

Created by leading medical-device creators, Cynosure, Potenza has a range of globally-unmatched and changeable tips. For example, our ‘Tiger Tip’, that can be used on the face and body, delivers two different treatment depths in one pass, reducing discomfort and treating more tissue at the same time. This means treatment times are faster than before.

Use the image to discover some of our other tips.



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