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Our Top Ways to Transform Your Lower Face

When we’re talking about lower facial transformation, there’s a few ways you can re-establish a happier relationship with your appearance and how you see yourself.

  1. Face & Neck Lift
  2. Jaw Reshaping & Jaw Reduction
  3. Chin Implants
  4. Non-Surgical Options
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  1. Face & Neck Lift

First on the list is a Face & Neck Lift, which is most suitable for those who want to dramatically target the signs of ageing.

Physically lifting the skin and the muscles in the mid-face and lower neck through a Face and Neck Lift offers the gravity-defying definition you may be seeking. Rather than altering the jawline or the anatomical structure of your face, this procedure simply highlights your existing natural beauty re-contouring and tightening the skin and jawline.


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2. Jaw Reshaping & Reduction

Jaw Reshaping and Jaw Reduction are other surgical interventions available to transform the lower face. Jaw Surgeries are often bespoke procedures, during which Dr Yannis may combine techniques to meet your aesthetic goals. Jaw Reshaping can create a more sculpted look while Jaw Reduction can restore harmony to an over-projected jaw.



3. Chin Implants

Chin Augmentation is one solution to increase projection of a jaw that’s naturally recessed or lost definition over time. By using anatomical implants that fit seamlessly to the bone, this procedure is the perfect surgery for anyone looking to create a strong, defined jawline.

Chin Augmentation is one solution to increase projection of a jaw that's naturally recessed or lost definition over time. By using anatomical implants that fit seamlessly to the bone, this procedure is the perfect surgery for anyone looking to create a strong, defined jawline.

4. Non-Surgical Options for Lower Face Sagging

There are many non-surgical ways to tighten, rather than to transform your lower face and here are our top ones.

  • Soft Thread Lift
    Reducing the need for invasive surgery, a soft thread lift involves injecting surgical threads under the skin’s surface to help lift the complexion. As the threads dissolve, they help boost collagen – essential for minimising the appearance of ageing and combating a drooping or lax lower face.
  • Thermage FLX
    Stepping away from a surgical approach, Thermage FLX uses thermal energy technology to boost collagen and elastin levels that lift and tighten the skin, improving the jawline and lower face for a smoother and tighter result.
  • Potenza RF Microneedling
    The latest radiofrequency technology uses ultra-fine needles and radiofrequency to treat the skin. Gentle enough to be used on the most delicate areas, Potenza is a highly-recommended option for treating lower face sagging by stimulating collagen and elastin production to help revitalise, rejuvenate and strengthen skin.

Whether you decide to go for a surgical or non-surgical option, there are benefits and disadvantages to both. For example, non-surgical requires more patience, where you’ll see gradual improvements after each session, and minimal downtime that you can’t expect after a surgery. A surgical approach means you’ll see instant results once the skin has healed and the results are much more lasting compared to its non-surgical counterparts, however, many seeing these results can take a while to fully settle.

The best first step is booking yourself in for a consultation as our team will work with you to find the most suitable and effective option for your needs.

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