Before and After of Y-Facelift

What is Y Facelift

What is the Y-Facelift?

The Y-Facelift is a procedure invented and introduced to aesthetics by Founder and Medical Director of 111 Harley St, Dr Yannis Alexandrides. The procedure involves focusing on where the skin loses laxity and elastin most by addressing the lower face and neck region. So if you find asking yourself how to get rid of a double chin or double neck, look no further.

How Does it Work?

With the ‘Y’ shape in mind, the procedure takes on the neck and along the jawline to help lift and tighten the lower areas of the face. It requires slight incisions which are hidden behind the ears to provide a natural definition and rejuvenation to the area. An incision may also be made in the natural line between the face and ear, so it really depends on what look you are trying to achieve.

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A close-up of a man's neck and jawline

Things To Know about Facelift Recovery

Whatever surgery you choose to undergo with us at 111 Harley St., whether it’s a lower face lift, a mini facelift or a non-surgical facelift… We strive to provide exceptional and personalised experiences for all our patients.

To ensure your skin is in it’s best possible condition, there are opportunities, before and after the op, to undergo lymphatic drainage, through Endermologie lymphatic massage, LED light treatments (which include both red light and blue therapies), and experience Dr Yannis’ other venture he has created, 111SKIN skincare.

Together with these elements and our Surgical Team’s expert recommendations and tips and trick from the trade, we’ll ensure any Facelifts scars will be imperceptible over time.

The Y-Facelift Vs. The Normal Facelift

Although we try to make each surgery recovery as fast and smooth as possible, there can can be some more benefits to Dr Yannis’ Y-Facelift compared to a traditional one. These are:

  • Recovery can be faster due to the Dr Yannis’ multi-dimensional approach to facial rejuvenation. Plus, this combined with the advanced surgical methods he uses means that during a Deep Plane Facelift or a Face and Neck Lift, he will not cause unnecessary trauma to the surrounding skin and tissues.
  • The procedure targets the main areas affected by visible signs of ageing, such as the lower face and neck.
  • Targeting the décolleté as well as the face ensures the whole area is lifted preventing another surgical lift down the line. Often people forget about the neck which can be a massive indicator of age, so with this procedure you have all areas covered!


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