Our Brow Lift Quick Guide

  • Procedure Time: 2+ Hours
  • Recovery Time: 6 Weeks, Stitches Removed 1-2 Weeks Post-Op
  • Surgery Performed Under General Anaesthetic

What is a Brow Lift?

A Brow Lift is a surgical procedure that lifts and repositions the eyebrows. Some of the biggest effects seen after a Brow Lift are:

✓ An improved appearance of the eyelids, where any upper eyelid hooding is improved

✓ The forehead appears smoother, reducing any folds or glabellar wrinkles in that area

✓ Can bring the hairline forward

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Diagram of the differences between brow lifts

Where are the incisions for a Brow Lift?

One of the benefits of a Brow Lift is that, when using the right technique, the incisions made can be very discrete. Depending on your goals, and what you’re looking to achieve, your Plastic Surgeon may consider a Traditional Brow Lift (also known as a Hairline Brow Lift) or an Endoscopic Brow Lift – which is a procedure that means smaller incisions will be made.

A Traditional Brow Lift involves your Plastic Surgeon, in this case Dr Yannis, making an incision across the hairline. Dr Yannis makes a non-linear line as this means that when the incision heals it looks a lot more natural. This approach is usually employed when a patient wants to reduce the length of their forehead as well as lift their eyebrows. One of the benefits of this technique is that it means the surgeon has a lot more control over the brow area and produce more dramatic results.



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The other technique used is an Endoscopic Brow Lift which is when micro-instruments are used. This is a less invasive produce that often requires only two or three incisions on the forehead which are neatly concealed within the hairline.

An Endoscopic approach means that Dr Yannis will still be able to release the muscles that produce frown and forehead lines, alongside giving the eyebrows your desired lift and position.

Alongside some surgical options, there are a few non-surgical treatments you can have to give you a little taste of what surgical Brow Lift can do. Injectable treatments are often the first introduction to brow lifting, however, the effects are only temporary.

The first non-surgical Brow Lift option is a Botox Injections Brow Lift. Alongside temporarily inhibiting muscle movement that causes frown lines and Crow’s feet by relaxing them, a Botox Brow Lift also enhances the brow and eye areas by recruiting other muscles to raise the brows. When expertly administered by our Aesthetic Doctor or Aesthetic Nurse Prescriber, Botox can be the perfect treatment for asymmetric eyes as well as lifting hooded, heavy, or sagging eyelids.

The best way to find out whether you need a Brow Lift, or would look good having a Brow Lift, is by gently lifting the eyebrows upwards. This final result of a surgical Brow Lift would not be too dissimilar to this lifted effect.

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Can Brow Lift make forehead smaller?

Yes! This is one of the best ways to reduce forehead size. Usually, to achieve a smaller forehead size, the type of Brow Lift used would be an traditional Hairline Brow Lift.

This works by making an incision across the top of the hairline where Dr Yannis will remove a small section of skin and then stitch it back together. This procedure can take centimetres off the forehead length and a recent patient of Dr Yannis’ reduced the size of his forehead by well over 2 centimetres to achieve his desired appearance.

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Does Brow Lift cause hair loss?

A lot of our patients have a Brow Lift to give a better impression of hair, rather than removing any hair. Sometimes a small amount of hair on the hairline can be removed during the surgery, this will be discussed during consultation, however a Brow Lift does not cause hair loss – if anything, it is a procedure undergone to prevent the appearance of hair loss or improve the appearance of a receding hairline.

Overall, hair loss is not commonly associated with a Brow Lift surgery.

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Is a Brow lift permanent?

Yes! Most surgeries have a permanent effect, however over time, slight dropping can occur due to ageing and gravity. With most surgeries, like Facelifts, they are known to last for over 10 years and more.

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Does a Brow Lift change eye shape?

A Brow Lift can give a slightly lifted appearance of the eyes but does not primarily change eye shape, unless this is something you want to achieve and have discussed with your surgeon. Procedures such as Blepharoplasty or Canthopexy can alter the appearance of the eyes and some surgeries can be performed at the same time.

Sometimes, as the muscles around the brows have been manipulated to create a more lifted look, this might alter the corner of the eyes, however, this often depends on the skill and experience of the Plastic Surgeon. Luckily for all our patients, Dr Yannis has over 30 years of medical experience and is a triple board-certified Plastic Surgeon – specialising in Facial Surgeries.

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