What is a Facelift?

A Facelift is a type of surgical procedure that dramatically improves laxity and the overall signs of ageing, and a procedure our triple board-certified Plastic Surgeon and 111 Harley St. Founder Dr Yannis has become well known for.


This is the most complex type of facelift Dr Yannis performs. It works by gently revealing the anatomical plane between the muscles, the skin’s plasma, and fibrous tissue, known as the SMAS, and then uniquely lifts all elements as one for an immediate result.

You can also learn more about the Deep Plane Facelift by reading this blog.

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2. The Y Facelift

Dr Yannis is the pioneer of  the Y Facelift technique. This lower Facelift approach, developed with his deep understanding of the ageing process and facial anatomy, it addresses sagging in the lower face and neck region.

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3. The SMAS Facelift

A SMAS Facelift addresses ageing in both the upper and lower face. It separates the skin and muscle, so they can be improved as separate entities. Dr Yannis will tighten and manipulate the muscles, then redrape the skin before removing the excess, concealing the incisions as much as possible.

4. The Sculpting Facelift

Also known as a Mini Facelift, is a term used by doctors to describe a type of facelift that offers a more preventative, subtle approach and has immense abilities to reshape and sculpt the face.

It is suited to those looking to target the early onset of ageing such as jowls, the deepening of lines, asymmetry and loss of elasticity.


Non-Surgical Options

We also have a lot of Non-Surgical Facelift options which can be performed by our exceptional Aesthetic Doctor and Aesthetic Nurse Prescriber. Depending on your concern, a Non-Surgical, Thread Face Lift using Soft Threads or Dermal Fillers can soften, lift and naturally rejuvenate sagging or ageing skin.



Dr Yannis Alexandrides MD FACS

Not only 111 Harley St.’s Founder and Medical Director, Dr Yannis is also our triple-board certified resident doctor.

Facelifts are a speciality of his that has been crafted through his over 20 years of medical expertise, deep understanding of the ageing process and extensive knowledge of facial anatomy. He is also a pioneer of facelifts with his eponymous Y Facelift technique and the founder of 111SKIN.

Alongside creating exceptional transformations, his excellent eye and skill has ensured that 111 Harley St. remain at the forefront of surgical innovation.



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