Face Design Quick Guide

  • Ideal for: Those looking for a natural injectable transformation
  • Treatment time: 30+ mins
  • Recovery: Some bruising can occur
  • Results seen: Immediately, final effect seen after 2 weeks

First, Who Is Dr Ivona?

Dr Ivona is our Aesthetic Doctor at 111 Harley St. She’s also the creator of multiple injectable treatments, notably Face Design, the author of two books regarding facial aesthetics, a regular speaker at industry events and aesthetic conferences, and advocate of new injectables approaches. Her injectable talent and eye for aesthetics borderlines on an art form, where her knowledge is rooted in her decades of experience. If there’s one thing to know about Dr Ivona, it’s that her results speak volumes.

What Can You Expect During A Face Design Treatment

Before having any injectable treatment, you’ll first have a consultation which we can book back-to-back with your initial treatment – meaning you’ll be able to have your treatment on the same day as your consultation.

After your consultation, Dr Ivona will treat you in one of our treatment rooms at our Non-Surgical Clinic located on 1 Devonshire Place in the Harley Medical Area. The first step of creating facial balance through Face Design is what Dr Ivona calls face mapping.

Face mapping involves marking the face and outlining the areas that need to be optimised. This is Dr Ivona’s guide to where to inject and once the face mapping is complete, Dr Ivy will then begin injecting.

Usually with Dermal Fillers, you will be able to see an immediate result. Once the swelling has diminished, usually in a few days, you’ll then begin to see the full effect.

With other injectables, such as Soft Threads of Anti-Wrinkle Injections, the final result can take between 2-4 weeks (it is around the 4-week mark for a Soft Thread Lift).

The Benefits to Combination Treatments

Combining treatments is like combining skincare – alongside doubling, sometimes tripling the effects and layering the result – certain skincare ingredients do different things. The same can be said of treatments.

For example, Dr Ivona’s Spiderweb Buttock Lift combines both Soft Threads and Dermal Fillers. This is because the Dermal Fillers first work to volumize the buttocks immediately and enable her to reshape the area; creating fullness and symmetry right then and there. Then, afterwards, the Soft Threads are placed. Once positioned, the collagen grown from the threads in the weeks and months following the treatment will complement and outlive the lift given by the Dermal Fillers – which will require topping up in time. By combining treatments, they can help give you immediate and lasting results.

While combination treatments are the tools to creating facial balance, choosing where to paint on a canvas is also extremely important. Selecting where to treat on the face is how Dr Ivona not only creates results that look natural, but also ones that her patients’ love. In this case, not only a combination of treatments can be beneficial, but also a combination of places on the face is key too.

Dr Ivona has almost a Mesotherapy-style of injecting, where she subtly treats a range of areas of the face as this is how she gives the best result: one that is both balanced and transformative.

A Face Design Case Study

When recently treating Aesthetic Nurse Prescriber, Claudia, Dr Ivona noted that Claudia has a great aesthetic ratio, where her upper and lower thirds of the face are in balance, but what she wanted to bring was just a ‘little magic with Face Design’ to further enhance her look and create a naturally lifted and refreshed appearance. She decided to treat the cheeks, jawline, lips and marionette lines. This gave Claudia an immediate transformation where she still looked like herself, simply ‘the best version of herself’ as Dr Ivy would say.

See the video below for what to expect during a Face Design treatment:

To learn more about Face Design and how to combination treatments can help you achieve your ideal look faster, get in touch today.


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