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Dr Yannis Alexandrides

“Breast Surgery, especially Breast Augmentation, is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the UK – and the increasing openness and transparency surrounding Breast Surgeries also on the rise.”


Dr Reza Alamouti

Mr Reza Alamouti

“When I’m performing Breast Augmentation, my favourite technique to use is a Keller Funnel – which is visually akin to a piping bag for cakes – but ensures the implant remains sterile and undamaged. It also means the incision required is tiny.”

Doing Your Research

Finding the best breast surgeon for your needs means doing some research. Reading reviews on certified platforms such as TrustPilot, RealSelf and Google will help solidify your decision. Plus, as reviews are inherently honest, you know when a surgeon has lots of positive ones you know they must be true.

Looking at before and after photos are essential too when looking for a Breast Surgeon. If they cannot show you examples of their work, consider that a big red flag.

Read some of our 111 Harley St., RealSelf or Doctify reviews.

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The Types of Breast Surgery

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation involves placing a sterile implant into the breast to enlarge and create the desired shape. This procedure is performed under general anaesthetic using Motiva® silicone gel implants which our surgeons favour as they give a more natural look than some other types of implants.

Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction works to create a natural shape and smaller breast size. The procedure usually involves removal of unwanted breast and fatty tissue to establish your ideal look. We advise that you achieve your ideal weight before having a Breast Reduction as your breasts can fluctuate in both size and shape with weight changes.

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Implant Removal and Implant Replacement

Alongside offering Implant Removal, we also advise that you change your implants when they begin to show the following signs:

✓  A gap has formed between your breasts because your implants have moved
✓  Your implants have started to rotate and look uneven
✓  Implants have become hard to the touch and/or misshapen

Breast Lift

Breast Uplift elevates your natural breasts into a more aesthetically pleasing position. It works by superficially lifting the breast tissue and repositioning the nipples for an enhanced appearance. This would be a great alternative to someone who wants a lift but doesn’t want to have implants.

Areola Reduction & Nipple Correction

Areola Reduction can reduce and resize the pigmented area of the skin surrounding the nipple, known as the areola. Our Plastic Surgeons also offer Nipple Correction surgeries for those with inverted nipples or unliked irregularities.

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The Consultation

The consutlation is an exciting opportunity for you to discuss your goals and expectations with one of our surgeons.

There will be a few routine questions about your medical history, but aside from that it is an opportunity for and your surgeon to discuss how to achieve your goals.

Once you have factored out all the details, you can then arrange your surgery day and payment plans (and essentially how you can proceed with your boob job finance plan if needed) with our Head of Surgical, Abi.

Abi Ali




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Prepping For Surgery

The best thing about our care programs is that each one is completely bespoke, no operative care is the same – but one element that always remains the same is our Patient Promise. We are dedicated to treating our patients with the highest levels of medical expertise alongside giving you the opportunity to enhance your skin with our range of non-surgical treatments to help diminish any scarring or post-surgery epidermal concerns.

This is where our amazing Surgical Nurse Zuzana comes in.

Before you surgery, she will outline a personalised pre-surgery care plan to ensure your skin is in it’s best condition, this may include LED light treatments and using Dr Yannis’ signature Dramatic Healing Serum.

On The Day Of Your Surgery

On the day of your Harley Street breast surgery, you need to arrive at one of our partnering hospitals. Often, this is not far from our flagship clinic and is still on this iconic road.

You’ll arrive at the clinic and be escorted to a private room to get dressed in your surgical gown. Your surgeon will then come and ask you to fill out some consent forms and discuss, one last time your expectations for your surgery. You’ll then meet your Anaesthetist, Dr Hish, and once everyone is ready you’ll then be taken into the theatre.

Once the anaesthetic has been administered, you may feel a little sting as it enters through the cannula in your arm – this is completely normal part of it. Then you’ll gently fall asleep and when you wake up your Breast Surgery will be done!

This is Zuzana, our Surgical Nurse, and Dr Hish, our Head Anaesthetist.

The Procedure

Breast surgeries can take between 1-3 hours, depending on the type.

But generally, the tools used during a Breast Surgery will be similar, below is a small glossary of terms to help:

Bipolar tool – a medical device that cauterises the tissue

Keller Funnel – a dynamic funnel that holds the implant, keeps it sterile, and places the implant thought a small incision half the implants size. This means any scarring is minimal.

Inframammary incision – the name for an incision made beneath the breasts

Donut incision – this is a common type of incision made during Breast Reduction. This describes the shape of the incision made around the areola. This is also called a peri-areola incision.

Keyhole incision – Using a marker that is the shape of a keyhole, this again is another incision used during Breast Reduction or Breast Lift surgeries.

Mastopexy – the medical name for a Breast Lift.

Ptosis – the medical term to describe the sagging of the breast. Depending on how advanced ptosis of the breast is, this can determine which type of incision is used to lift the breasts.




You’ll have a lot of follow-ups after your surgery with our Surgical Nurse or Surgical Theatre Practitioner. Then with Dr Yannis your follow-ups will be at the 3-, 6- and 12-month marks after your surgery.

Your weekly post-op appointments at our 111 Harley St. theatre will involve our Surgical Team cleaning the area and monitoring the progress of your healing.

You can also undergo LED light treatments with our Celluma machine to accelerate the healing process and minimise any scarring, and of course, be given Dr Yannis’ Dramatic Healing Serum.



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