There’s a variety of different types of hair treatments and usually these are topical treatments or supplements, ranging from keratin treatments, oil treatments, hair overnight masks and various other lotions, potions, or vitamins. And the questions on everyone’s lips, do hair treatments work, and if so, which hair treatments?

While raving customer trials are one thing, clinical ones are another. Especially when in-clinic hair treatments are dramatically on the rise as patients are championing efficacious and innovative methods to prevent hair loss, help regrow hair and nourish the scalp. Exosomes HRVL is one of them.

Exosomes ASCEplus HRVL Hair & Scalp is a next-level generation treatment and created by the brains behind our Exosomes skin treatment which has been clinically proven to increase collagen and elastin production by an impressive 100% collectively.

The results from Exosomes HRVL Hair and Scalp are proving equally as transformative which is why we are obsessed with how this treatment not only works on hair length, but predominantly helps improve the condition of the scalp to enhance all elements of the hair growth process.

Before we get into all the details of it, it’s important to first know why hair loss occurs…

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Why hair loss occurs?

Hereditary ageing are no longer definite causes of hair loss and other factors such as stress, fatigue, malnutrition, hormonal imbalances (perhaps through the changes that occur during pregnancy or menopause) or immunity, can all result in premature or advanced hair loss.

Sometimes hair loss can be a result of an allergic reaction or the development of a more sensitive scalp.

Nowadays, hair care – especially scalp care – is becoming as important as skincare which is why we think this treatment is a game changer.

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How do Exosomes for the hair work?

Fortified with 10 growth factors and over 30 types of nutrients formulated for the hair specifically, such as Biotin and Copper Tripeptide, each treatment works to optimise the hair growing environment. This means that for all those suffering with hair loss (around 1/5 of the global population according to a Korean study), there is a non-surgical option out there – one that really works.

Exosomes have immense powers to increase cell turnover, improve the skin’s environment, and give the skin an enhanced ability to self-regenerate. They are the nanoparticles which promote cell to cell communication within your own skin cells. Our Exosomes are extracted from Rose Damask which are highly compatible with the hair follicles.

In this hair growth treatment, the Exosomes have a synergist, all-in-one effect on the hair environment. This means that they improve the follicles directly, but also impact positively the scalp and hair cycles. Exosomes travel between the fibroblasts and are so effective because they are constantly transferring their signals between multiple growth factors, cytokines, and peptides, all working towards stimulating the hair follicles and helping your scalp reach its optimal hair-growing functions.

As each hair follicle is surrounded by tissue, the Rose Damask Exosomes are highly compatibility with human cells and mean these Exosomes can interact with the follicle during the hair growth phrases, most notably during the transition from the telogen (the shedding stage) to anagen phase (the growth stage). This causes a duplication of cells, a process called cell proliferation, that causes rapid cell growth.

Alongside this benefit, this treatment additionally shortens the shedding stage of the hair growth cycle, called the telogen phase, and enhances the growth stage to give you fuller, thicker and healthier hair after each treatment.

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Why Scalp Care Is The Secret to Healthier Hair

The scalp can say a lot about the health of your hair and plays an important role in effectively growing your hair, or regrowing hair back. It essentially determines the hair health overall as the hair follicles reach deep into the scalp and have a microbiome of their own, so when not properly conditioned and maintained, the microbiome can become imbalanced and result in dandruff and dermatitis. Luckily this treatment can help regrow the hair as well as soothe problematic scalps.


Key takeaways? You should try this treatment if you’re looking to treat, or achieve, the following:

Prevent hair loss

Those who have a problematic scalp or whose hair is prone to breaking

Those who want to improve the healthiness of their hair, roots and overall condition of the scalp

All people who want to achieve or maintain excellent hair health


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