Why is The Nose So Important in Facial Aesthetics?

The nose plays such an important role in facial aesthetics because it’s in the centre of the face and is a prominent feature. It is often one of the first things we see when determining the attractiveness of a person’s face.

Culturally, beauty ideals differ depending on where you are in the world – however, what is universally recognised is the importance of symmetry in facial aesthetics, and this is especially important when creating natural and loved Rhinoplasty results. It could be argued that creating symmetry is one of the main goals of all cosmetic surgeries.

So, symmetry is important. The other very important element considered during a Rhinoplasty is creating balanced facial proportions. Then next goal of a successful Rhinoplasty surgery, or ‘nose job’ is patient satisfaction – as without this, no matter how harmonious the face or symmetrical its features are, it means nothing if the patient is not happy with their new look.

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Dr Yannis’ aims for a Rhinoplasty

Achieve symmetry and proportion – it is thought that the nose should be no wider than the distance between the inner corner of the eyes.

Achieve a natural and ‘unoperated’ look

Adhere to current cultural trends and ideals – for example, creating an “Instagram nose” that is petite and slightly upturned

Achieve the patients’ ideal goals

Discover some of the best Rhinoplasty transformations below!

Answering some other common questions about Rhinoplasty

Will Rhinoplasty help my breathing?

Yes. A Rhinoplasty can have aesthetic and respiratory benefits on the nose, where alongside changing the shape of the nose, many patients also report that they can breathe easier after a Rhinoplasty.

Will Rhinoplasty change my voice?

Generally, a Rhinoplasty will not change your voice but may have positive impact on a very nasal-sounding voice. During a Rhinoplasty, Dr Yannis is able to resolve blockages or structural problems (such as a deviated septum), which may resolve a nasal voice.

Immediately after a Rhinoplasty you can expect your voice to sound more congested than usual and this is very normal too. You’ll be congested because of the splint and packing placed in the nose to keep it in place and protected after surgery. Once this is removed your voice will be back to normal.

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A doctor is marking a man's nose ready for Rhinoplasty surgery

Who invented Rhinoplasty?

Mentions of Rhinoplasty go back to as far as 2500 BCE where people where reported to repair a broken nose. Generally, mentions of Rhinoplasty are littered throughout history, for example, some people even wore fake metal noses instead of having a nose operation.

The word Rhinoplasty was derived from the Greek words rhis meaning nose, and plassein meaning to shape, however, Rhinoplasty techniques were refined by surgeons like Karl von Grafe (Germany) Joseph Coonstaine Carpue (UK) and Gasparo Tagliacozza (Italy).

Can Rhinoplasty go wrong?

With every surgery there are risks involved, however, the space of risk gets smaller and smaller when performed by an experienced surgeon – like Dr Yannis.

Which day after Rhinoplasty is the worst?

The first few days after a Rhinoplasty are usually the worse as this is when your nose will be quite achy and sore. However, as each day passes, you can expect your nose to feel better and better.


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