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At 111 Harley St. we take Facial Rejuvenation seriously, and know that naturalness is desired above anything else.

Dr Yannis, our Founder and resident Plastic Surgeon, has created a place where surgical and non-surgical treatments come together, a place where – if you want – ‘you can have everything under one roof’ he says. We also believe in the power of skincare to enhance any clinical procedure or treatment and know that it’s one of the simplest ways to rejuvenate your face from the comfort of your home. We house 111SKIN skincare, Dr Yannis’ brand, as well as a wide variety of medical-grade products, such as Obagi and Mesoesthetics. So, with us, we can help you explore all the avenues to achieve your ideal aesthetic result, as well as introduce you to some of the best skincare rituals to make your own.

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1. Micrografting

But, first – here are our top 3 ways to rejuvenate your face. The first is with Micrografting. Micrografting, also known as Facial Fat Transfer, is a minor surgical procedure that is a longer-lasting, completely bio-compatible alternative to Dermal Fillers.

It involves taking fat from one area of the body – an area such as the abdomen or thighs – and then using this fat to replenish another. It’s almost like a two-in-one surgery – as a mild form of Liposuction will be used to take the fat, so you can expect a slimming effect on the area the fat is harvested from as well as the facial-rejuvenation benefits from the Micrografting.

Micrografting is also called Face Fat Injections as well as Facial Fat Transfer – all names are used synonymously – and it works by using a small Liposuction cannula on the area that has excess fat on. Then, the cannula that Dr Yannis uses will liquify the fat and he’ll extract it in syringes.

These syringes are then be put in a centrifuge, a machine that will rapidly spin the fat until it has separated. The fat will rise to the top and this ultra-pure fat, filled with growth factors, will be injected into the facial areas that are showing signs of ageing such as the cheeks and the temples – or the place that you wish to treat. Dr Yannis highly recommends using Micrografting on the temples which gives an amazing anti-ageing effect.

See this patient’s results, only six days after his surgery.

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2. Facelift with Exosomes

Our second top way to rejuvenate the face is with a Facelift – but this is no ordinary Facelift, we recommend having a Facelift with Exosomes.

A Facelift is probably the most common way to rejuvenate your face – and one of the most popular procedures Dr Yannis performs because he specialises in it.

A Facelift works to reposition the skin and muscles, it is a dynamic procedure, one that produces natural facial rejuvenation without the skin looking pulled or too tight which is a fear a lot of our patients have.

It has the most transformative effects as a stand-alone procedure, but when it’s combined with one of our newest Non-Surgical Treatments – Exosomes ASCEplus SRLV – these results are heightened and enhanced (if that’s even possible!). Our Exosomes have a highly regenerative formula and can promote cellular communication within your own skin cells and boost collagen by 300% and elastin by 100%.

“Improving the quality of the skin is paramount”, says Dr Yannis, as this is something that cannot be changed through surgery he recommends his patients to experience the next-level rejuvenation that Exosomes can achieve to ensure they get the very best results. Plus, due to the rejuvenating effects of Exosomes, they will also mean your recovery is accelerated. What’s not to like?

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The third and final way to rejuvenate your face is with one of our favourite Non-Surgical Treatments – and while there are plenty to choose from including Potenza RF Microneedling, Thermage FLX, Accent, we want to shine a spotlight on one of our newest lasers, ADVATx.

 ADVATx is the first of its kind dual laser and delivers a distinctive yellow light treatment alongside single-spot and fractional pulses to treat multiple skin concerns at once. It can treat acne, acne scars, melasma, facial veins, redness, sun damage, shrink pore size and limit oil production, the list is almost endless. But alongside all these benefits it also has immense powers to maintain excellent dermal hygiene and abilities to improve skin tone, texture and reduce wrinkles.

Another thing we love about it? It’s painless and has zero-downtime!

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So, that’s our top three ways to rejuvenate your face – but if you really want to know the best way, book a consultation today – so we can create for you a bespoke treatment plan.


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