Sometimes, no amount of exercise or dieting can shift excess fat in problems areas like the stomach, thighs, upper arms or face. Liposuction is one way which can sculpt your body and remove excess fat.

Liposuction can remove unwanted fat from specific body areas such as the stomach, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, arms, chin and neck. This procedure can also be tailored for precise sculpting and contouring effects.

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The 111 Difference

  • Consultation with the Surgeon – Each consultation is with the surgeon that will perform your surgery.
  • Your Options – We have extensive surgical and non-surgical treatments available.
  • Our Experience – Our surgeon Dr Alexandrides is extremely experienced with Liposuction procedures.
  • Different Techniques – We have three options for Liposuction; our surgeon will discuss with you the best option for the results desired.
  • Inclusive Service – At 111 Harley St. we are with you every step of the way and make sure you feel comfortable during the whole process. We offer complimentary follow-up consultations.

Here at 111 Harley St. clinic in London we offer several different techniques to help you get the body you want, including Liposculpture, Laser Lipo and Vaser Lipo. During your consultation our surgeon will talk you through all the techniques available and help you select the procedure which will best help you achieve the results you want.


We prefer to use the term Liposculpture, rather than liposuction, because it reflects the surgeon’s skills and his ability to carefully select the area of fatty tissue to remove, achieving the best possible results.

Laser Lipo

This procedure has bought a subtlety to the art of Liposuction by using heat from deep penetrating lasers to break down fat cells. The laser also seals off minor blood vessels and promotes collagen production. As a result the skin tightens and smooths, and the fat cells are drawn away.

Vaser Lipo

This is a state of the art liposuction system that enables fat deposits to be precisely targeted. It uses sound instead of heat to break up fatty tissue so it can be used much closer to the muscles than other liposuction techniques to achieve the highest possible definition and toning. It is perfect for smaller areas such as the back of your arm.

Liposuction – What To Expect

The duration of a liposuction procedure varies from patient to patient; it depends on the size of the area being treated, the amount of fat being removed, and the type of anaesthesia and technique being used.

During your initial consultation your surgeon will evaluate your health, determine where your fat deposits lie and assess the condition of your skin. You will be told about the different body-contouring methods available, and your surgeon will explain which procedure may work best for you. For example you may wish to target your stomach, and learn that an abdominoplasty, or ‘tummy tuck‘, may be more effective at meeting your goals.


Your recovery time will depend on which procedure you choose;

  • Liposculpture: You can usually return to regular activity within one to two weeks, and resume exercise within six weeks
  • Laser Lipo: You can usually see the final results within three months. You can return to regular activity within a less than a week, and resume exercise within four to six weeks
  • Vaser Lipo: The final results will be visible within three to six months. You can usually resume activity in less than a week, and rigorous exercise within six weeks*Please note that this is an indicated recovery time and healing time are unique to each individual. Results and recovery rates vary from patient to patient and are dependent on a number of factors including: expectations, genetics, lifestyle, extent of surgery, type of surgery, medical history etc.

If you don’t feel ready for surgery yet then find out about our non-surgical Liposonix slimming treatment here.

Cosmetic Surgery Disclaimer

BEFORE & AFTER photos are NOT guarantees that your results will be the same or even similar: your results will likely vary significantly — because you are a unique person. Our Plastic Surgeons take great pride in their patient care ethics, precise surgical measurements, custom planning & their advanced surgical techniques.

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