Facial Broken Veins

facial broken veins London


When blood vessels become swollen or broken they cause tiny red veins to appear. Although these are common in all areas of the body, they tend to be most apparent around the nose and cheeks. Once these veins appear they are impossible to get rid of without intervention and their very appearance can be distressing for some people.


It is very hard to avoid getting these red veins as they are just beneath the skin’s surface and easy to damage, something as simple as scrubbing your face too hard can cause them to appear. However, there are also other factors that result in their appearance. These can include any trauma or damage to the face. Rosacea is another common reason they appear as it causes the skin to become red and flushed. Age will also make the veins apparent as the skin becomes thinner and the veins are more obvious. Hormonal changes such as pregnancy can result in these more obvious facial veins.  External factors such as excessive alcohol and smoking can also aggravate the veins in the face and cause thread veins. Sun damage can also weaken the skin, especially sunburn and this too will cause the capillaries to break and swell and the veins to appear.

Laser Treatment

We use the latest Cynosure laser, which is a fantastic option to improve or completely remove the facial veins. The treatment is tailored to the individual patient and there is minimal recovery time after each treatment. A course of treatments is usually recommended in order to see the maximum results. We advise patients to apply a minimum of SPF 30 at all times post-treatment.

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