Soft Thread Lift

As we age our skin changes, becoming thinner, drier and less smooth. In particular, less collagen is produced and elastin fibres which provide elasticity begin to wear out leaving skin prone to wrinkles and sagging. For some a traditional face lift may be an option but others who experience early sagging may want to consider other options like soft thread lift. This treatment is ideal for people who are beginning to experience wrinkles on the forehead or mid-lower face and neck, and who don’t want to have surgery just yet. A Soft Thread Lift is a virtually non-invasive procedure that uses bio-absorbable threads to induce collagen production and re-define problem areas.

soft thread lift

Why opt for the Soft Thread Lift

  • A quick procedure that requires virtually no downtime
  • Enhances skin tone and tightens pores
  • Induces collagen production, tightening and lifting the skin
  • No scarring
  • Minimal invasiveness
  • A tailor made treatment which can be adjusted at any time

How It Works

Local anaesthetic is injected into the treatment area, before a cannula or micro-needle is used to introduce the PDO threads. The procedure usually takes around 45-60 minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated. The needle is inserted into the skin and when it is removed the threads remain.

The absorbable thread activates the natural regenerative process. Your body then starts to produce collagen which surrounds the filaments, giving the skin a rejuvenated and re-defined look. The thread will form a long lasting support structure for the tissue of the face. The lifting effect is at its peak six months later, when the collagen has formed around the threads.

A single procedure can last for at least 10 months, but a further two treatments could extend the result to approximately two-three years.

It is an ideal treatment to combine with PRP, fillers or Botox.

Where can it be used?

Soft Thread Lift can be used to lift the sagging skin around the face, cheeks, jowls, double chins, cheeks, the brow and malar area.

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