Soft Thread Lift (Silhouette)

The soft thread lift is a versatile and virtually non-invasive procedure that can reduce the appearance of mild to moderate wrinkling and sagging, particularly in the lower part of the face where nasolabial lines start to deepen.

An ageing face can manifest itself in several ways; sagging, wrinkles, loss of volume and thinning of the skin are some indications we might expect to see. The loss of elasticity can change the shape of the face and its support structure. Some of the earlier indications (after changes in skin texture) are lower cheek and brow ptosis caused by weakened muscles and sagging skin through collagen and elastin depletion.

A soft thread lift can improve the appearance of ageing skin through a series of injections in which PDO threads are introduced to the skin, creating a lifting and tightening effect.

Soft Thread Lift In London

How does soft thread lift work?

The biodegradable threads work to lift and contour the face and tighten sagging skin through stimulating the body’s natural regenerative process.

Barbs along the thread act as cogs to grasp, lift and suspend a relaxed facial area. These barbs open like an umbrella to form a support structure that elevates the sagging skin.

The process elicits the growth of new collagen which surrounds the filaments, giving the skin a rejuvenated appearance, which progressively enhances over time.

Why opt for the Soft Thread Lift

  • A quick procedure that requires virtually no downtime
  • Enhances skin tone and minimises pores
  • Induces collagen production, tightening and lifting the skin
  • No scarring and minimally invasive
  • A tailor-made treatment which can be adjusted at any time

Soft thread lift VS fillers or Botox

The soft thread lift treatment can sometimes excel the benefits of Botox injections or topical creams because of the long lasting and visible results. It also can stimulate collagen production, enhancing the results over time.

Price For Soft Thread Lift

Our pricing allows you getting the best possible results. Hence you may notice that it is far better value to book this treatment as a course.


Eye Brow – £1250

Upper Cheek – £1250

Lower Face – £1250

Neck – £1250


Abdomen – £5000

Knees – £2500



Soft Thread Lift FAQ

What does the treatment involve?

The type of anaesthetic varies from patient to patient, though typically, local anaesthetic is used.

The process begins with a thorough consultation where we will discuss your aesthetic concerns. Appropriate markings are made where the entrance of the threads will be introduced in the direction of lifting.

Bio directional PDO threads are the first threads to be inserted through a cannula or micro-needle. Following this, uni-directional threads may be used to treat the neck, jawline, marionette and nasolabial folds, depending on the patient’s preferences and aesthetic nurses’ recommendations.

Uni-directional threads are commonly used for dissolving fat and creating volume within the face. However, they are also beneficial for creating a more natural contouring effect.

Once the needle is removed, the threads remain in place.

Who is the treatment suitable for?

A soft thread lift is an ideal treatment for those that are looking for a longer-lasting alternative to Botox and fillers. Botox and fillers can treat fine lines and sagging to a certain extent, but for those that are starting to see early signs of mild to moderate jowling, deepening of the nasolabial lines, or loss of support in the cheeks, a soft thread lift may be the best form of treatment.

When can results be seen and are they permanent?

The thread will form a semi-permanent support structure for the face with the lifting effect at a peak around 6 months later. The results last approximately 18 months but vary from patient to patient.

How long does the treatment take?

The procedure usually takes around 45-60 minutes, depending on the size of the area treated.

What areas can the soft thread lift treat?

The soft thread lift can be used to lift the sagging skin around the face, cheeks, jowls, double chin, the brow and malar area.

Side effects and risks

The side effects and risks will vary from patient to patient, but you might expect to see a degree of redness, bruising and swelling. There’s also the possible risk of infection, asymmetry, and the threads moving, or being felt or visible under the skin.

It is an ideal treatment to combine with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), dermal fillers or Botox.

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