What is it?

A Spider Web Butt Lift takes its name from the unique shape it creates when giving you a non-surgical butt lift or BBL like result.

PDO threads are a type of bio-compatible, surgical thread that contains poly-L-lactic acid and are more frequently known by their other name, Soft Thread Lift. As the threads are absorbed within the skin you can benefit from a dual effect. The first is an immediate lift and the second is the sustained collagen produced thanks to the thread’s patented cone technology.

Innovative bio-cones of poly-L-lactic line each thread and are packed with other anti-ageing actives – which when dissolved will elicit a re-contouring effect. Micro-sized to remain as minimally invasive as possible, you can expect the seamless introduction of the cones beneath the skin to give you not only a lifted appearance but also improve the skin’s quality on a structural, dermal level.

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What to expect during a treatment?

Performed by our Aesthetic Doctor, Dr Ivona, who has over twenty years of injectable experience, you can be assured of her expertise in aesthetics. You can especially trust her to administer this treatment because the Spider Web Thread Lift is a technique, she has personally brought to 111 Harley St.

First, you can expect Dr Ivona to numb the skin and then once suitably numb, she will mark a spider web pattern on the buttocks – the centre of the web on the area you require the most lift in.


She will then use a blunt-tipped cannula, called a microcannula, which decreases the risk of bruising or pain and trauma to the skin. This cannula acts as a protective shield over the thread to ensure it remains sterile and unbroken. In recent years there have been stories of older and lesser quality threads snapping – which can be the case when your Soft Thread Lift, or Buttocks Lift, is performed by an inexperienced or unqualified practitioner (or if the thread is of a lower quality).

Once each cannula is placed, Dr Ivona will then, one by one, remove them. When she takes them out, the thread will remain securely placed beneath the epidermis.

In an interview with Dr Ivona, she states that the best way to reshape the bottom is first with Dermal Fillers so you can create your desired volume and then second, lift the buttocks with a Spider Web Lift PDO threads.

Everything to know about downtime

Two days after your Spider Web Thread Lift requires you to not sit on your buttocks, after this short period of downtime you can then resume your normal activities – as long as they are light! Therefore, no intense exercise until Dr Ivona gives you the all clear.

When will you see results?

If you combine your Spider Web Thread Lift with Dermal Fillers, the fillers will give you an immediate, volumizing result. However, to see the fully lifted effect from your Soft Thread Lift requires you to wait at least 4-5 weeks after the procedure, so around 40 days.

This is why to have your desired results you should begin thinking about your Spider Web Lift a few months before you would like to see the final result.

How much does a Non-Surgical Buttock Lift cost?

Often this is discussed during a consultation with our Head of Non-Surgical Department, Kerstie, it’s during this time she will create for you a treatment plan and formally assess whether a Non-Surgical BBL will give you the results you expect.


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