How To Get Rid Of Under Eye Wrinkles



The eyes are one of the first areas on the face where wrinkles, particularly under eye wrinkles, begin to emerge. The delicate and fragile nature of the skin in this area makes it susceptible to premature ageing.

As we age, the skin goes through several processes that compromise the quality and function of the skin. A culmination of contributing factors can cause the appearance of under-eye wrinkles…



Causes Of Under Eye Wrinkles

Free radical damage (smoking, drinking, sun damage, pollution) is mainly responsible for the speed at which ageing and wrinkles form around the eyes. While lifestyle influences accelerate this cell-damaging process, some scavengers like pollution and exposure to other toxic chemicals are less within our control. Free radicals are also produced naturally within the body as part of the ageing process, along with genetics.

With this process of oxidation, the skin loses collagen and elastin– the youth-giving proteins responsible for giving the skin a ‘bounce-back’ ability. As collagen and elastin production slows down, the skin around the eyes becomes thinner, drier and more prone to wrinkles.



Non-Surgical Ways To Treat Under Eye Wrinkles

Treating under eye wrinkles requires a tailored approach to skincare application as well as a combination of Non-Surgical or Injectables Treatments. The 111 Harley St. programme will replenish your collagen levels as well as tighten and smooth the skin – depending on what you wish to achieve. All treatments suitability will be subject to consultation first.

Under Eye Injectable Treatments


Ameela is an injectable treatment specifically designed to target dark and wrinkled under eyes, and our clinic was featured in VOGUE because of it. It is a type of bio-collagen stimulator that is formed of  polymerized polynucleotides. Nucleotides are organic molecules that play an essential role in anti-ageing processes and are used widely in regenerative medicines. This unique formula ensures maximum compatibility when used beneath the delicate under-eyes.

Juvéderm Volite

Ageing can make the skin drier, and in addition to a decline in collagen and elastin, the skin around the eyes can start to look papery and thin. Juvéderm Volite is a texture-improving injectable filler containing hyaluronic acid which is known for its hydrating properties. Not only does it help to improve hollowness, and therefore dark circles, but it also gives a smoother appearance to the skin to reduce fine lines around the eyes.


Depleting levels of elastin means that the skin is less able to spring back after squinting and smiling, so crow’s feet and fine lines nestle and mark in the skin for longer. Sun damage plays a significant role in not only under eye wrinkles but also pigmentation and crepiness adding to the ageing appearance of the eyes. With the skin being so thin around the eyes, it’s particularly prone to experiencing the damaging effects of the sun. Squinting in the sun also intensifies the effects of the habitual expressions. Botox restricts this movement to reduce under-eye wrinkles and lines around the outside of the eye.



ADVATx is a new device in our clinic that emits a distinct yellow light as well as has an infrared green light setting. It is perfect for year-round rejuvenation, is zero downtime and perfect for treating eye wrinkles. It’s painless and means that whenever you have an ADVATx treatment you’ll be maintains excellent dermal health. Each treatment minimises discomfort and other unwanted side effects associated with laser treatments – like burns etc. – and maximises treatment efficiency.


The no makeup treatment to reduce wrinkles, pore size and pigmentation. ClearLift is another favourite in our clinic and is a combination of a fractional Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser with near infrared technology. The device disperses pixelated energy at a depth of 3mm into the skin to create a controlled process of damaging and healing. This triggers the skin to remodel itself without causing visible damage to the surface layers.

iPixel and Accent

You can often optimise the overall anti-ageing effect around the eye by combining Botox with iPixel treatments to restore collagen levels and renew the surface of the skin for improved texture and reduced crepiness. Alternatively, Accent Skin Tightening can give a tightening effect by using radiofrequency. The treatment has a unique handpiece designed to treat the perioral area. The heating of the dermis causes the skin to retract for smoother skin.


Free radical scavengers attack your healthy skin cells and damage your skin repair barrier. Once the skin cell function is compromised, you’re more likely to see fine lines and under-eye wrinkles. Mesotherapy is a treatment that has many benefits for the eye area, including boosting hydration, neutralising free radical damage and combating dryness. The injectable treatment infuses the skin with hydrating hyaluronic acid, vitamins and amino acids that will improve the look of crepiness.



Skincare Options For Under-Eye Wrinkles

Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid are two essential ingredients to keep under eye wrinkles at bay. The versatile derivative of Vitamin A boosts collagen production and resurfaces the skin for a smoother under-eye area.

Hyaluronic Acid is another ingredient that is intensely moisturising, so Dr Yannis’ top skincare recommendations for use beneath the eyes would be:

  • 111SKIN’s Hyaluronic Acid Aqua Booster which hydrates and repairs skin barrier function with Niacinamide with just a few drops.
  • 111SKIN’s Eye Lift Gel NAC Y2 which has been dubbed as an ‘eye lift in a bottle’ by it’s users.
  • 111SKIN’s 111SKIN Black Diamond Retinol Oil. AS a form of Vitamin A, this contains 2.5% of Retinol and Granactive Retinoid to reduce the appearance of fine lines in just four weeks.

More Questions on Under Eye Wrinkles, Answered

Of course! Eye wrinkles are made from facial expressions – especially smiling – so there is nothing bad about them, they are the proof of a life lived. However, the prominence and depth of the lines is different from patient-to-patient.

Factors such as hereditary traits, skin thickness and lifestyle factors, can all affect your wrinkles and some people would prefer it if their eye wrinkles, lines and bags weren’t so visible – which is something we help with.

This in turn, has a lot of positive aesthetic outcomes, such as looking more fresher and younger which is commonly sought-out for by our patients in our clinic.

This is a common question we are asked, and the fastest way to disguise eye wrinkles would be with makeup. However, when applied ineffectively this can cause the eye wrinkles to become more noticeable.

We recommend using a water-based concealer, something light and bendable – that doesn’t become cakey.

A vigilant skincare routine can help with under-eye wrinkles, and of course maintaining healthy lifestyle factors – such as cutting down on smoking (or even better, quitting entirely!) – these things are nothing new.

However, a new phenomenon that might not reduce eye wrinkles per say, but may help with improving under-eye bags, puffiness, and shadowing can be by wearing blue light glasses.

Of course, these are things you can do from home, however, if at home under eye treatments aren’t working, get in touch with our team as a professional treatment plan can work wonders.

The best surgical procedure for under-eye wrinkles would be a Lower Blepharoplasty. A Blepharoplasty is an eyelid surgery that removes excess skin. As wrinkles are caused by skin laxity, by reducing the amount of this in the peri-orbital region would give you a softer, more ageless under eyes.

This depends on the activity and strength of the muscles around the eyes. Typically, the visible signs of ageing become more apparent after the age of 25 as this is when the skin stops producing new elastin fibres and collagen levels begin to decline as each year passes.

Again, premature ageing can be caused by lifestyle factors and deficiencies in anti-ageing proteins.

Under-eye wrinkles will not go away on their own. This is why a vigilant skincare routine and potential surgical (and non-surgical) intervention may be necessary.


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