The In-Clinic Treatment For Glowing Skin

Specifically created to help our patients achieve poreless, dewy and hydrated skin, we have a glowing skin injection uniquely available at 111 Harley St. It’s called 111GlassSkin and here’s everything you need to know about it.

111GlassSkin is a Mesotherapy-style treatment – meaning that the whole face will be treated in micro-injections on the mesoderm of the skin. Each micro-injection contains a carefully curated combination of Botox® Ameela and Dermal Fillers which work to help give you a coveted luminous appearance.

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Here’s how each ingredient works to give you glass skin:

The Botox®present works to softens lines, wrinkles and relax the muscles that can cause the skin to look lax or haggard. By tightening the skin, Anti-Wrinkle Treatments also helps to reduce the appearance of indentations in the epidermis as well as smoothening the appearance of skin texture – alluding to the appearance of glass-like skin.

Ameela, a collagen bio stimulator and skin booster formed of polynucleotides (which has superior hydration retention and regeneration abilities), works to brighten dark circles, prolong the activity of hyaluronic acid and offers protection against free radical damage. Ameela, by helping to improve hydration, is how you can enhance the way your skin emanates light.

Dermal Fillers – Are used to achieve glass skin because it blurs the appearance of pores, so if you have large open pores, filler can help to fill them giving them which is a definable quality of glass skin. As our Dermal Fillers are primarily made from hyaluronic acid, the polynucleotides within our Ameela treatment will have an enhancing effect on the life of the filler – ensuring longer results.

Our Aesthetic Doctor, Dr Ivy, invented this treatment after living and treating patients in Asia for almost twenty years. As someone who time after time was inspired by her patients skin – skin that had this incredible glow and dewiness that she could never replicate at-home she created a solution: 111GlassSkin.

Now, this much sought-after beauty trend can be achieved after simply one session, however, for the best results, we recommend a course! Thanks to Dr Ivy’s expert injectable technique, the signs of ageing and the appearance of pores and texture, will be radically improved.

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Ingredients to Incorporate

We all know that glowing skin doesn’t stop with in-clinic treatments, and it can be enhanced through the ingredients you choose to put on your skin and in your body.

The foods and skincare ingredients to try to get glowing skin often overlap, for example, antioxidants like Vitamins A and C.

Vitamin A in skincare is where you’ll find Retinoid, Retinol, Tretinoin and Beta-Carotene, which all have massive benefits to kickstart cellular turnover to give you fresher, newer skin cells. These products not only help to boost collagen, which in turn, alludes to the appearance of plump and healthy skin, but can also be used to help reduce blemishes for a more seamless complexion. One skincare product to try are 111SKIN’s new Wrinkle Erasing Retinol Patches to help diminish any wrinkles and give you the flawless glass skin.

Vitamin A-high foods are things like cheese, eggs, fish – especially oily and fatty fish such as mackerel – which can help to maintain skin elasticity, thickness and hydration.

Vitamin C is also known for its skin-brightening abilities when applied topically, and we recommend 111SKIN’s Vitamin C Cleanser and Vitamin C Brightening Booster to ensure your skin is protected on an epidermal level. Then, when you each Vitamin C-rich foods like avocados, strawberries, citrus fruits, and vegetables, all these nutrients help to enhance your immune system and protect your cells – ensuring you’re protecting your skin at all levels.

Another skincare ingredient to try are products that are high in amino acids. Amino acids, which make up peptides, have immense powers to make your skin radiant. As glowing, glass skin is also considered as skin that is poreless, blemish-less and almost ageless – peptides help improve all these aspects. So, after using a high-quality amino acid, you can expect your skin’s barrier to be more fortified, your wrinkles to be softer, your skin better at fighting off blemishes and more elastic skin overall. We recommend 111SKIN’s Day Cream which is a rich antioxidant-based moisturiser to give you all day hydration.

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Best Skincare Ingredients for Glowing Skin

  • NAC Y2 – 111SKIN’s proprietary complex made up of Vitamin C, Escin and NAC designed to promote the production of glutathione, support healthy collagen production and improve elasticity
  • Niacinamide – Key in reducing blemishes, Niacinamide is a form of Vitamin B3 which helps reduce water loss and promote a healthier skin barrier
  • Ceramides – helps to restore your skin’s lipid barrier (which is what seals your skin’s barrier) and are key in maintaining healthy and glowing skin.

Best Foods to Eat for Glowing Skin

Here are our top superfood picks that are enjoyable to eat and may also mean (when eaten in moderation) you’ll achieve glowing, glass-like skin Dr Ivy will be proud of!

  • Berries – High in vitamins and antioxidants for an overall boost in skin and body health
  • Oranges – High in Vitamin C
  • Green tea – An antioxidant that may help to restore a glowing complexion by fighting off free-radical damage
  • Dark chocolate – Aside from tasting amazing, dark chocolate may help to diminish wrinkles which is another reason to eat it in moderation
  • Avocado – May help increase hydration levels and reduce inflammation

So, it’s official, great skincare products, heathy nutrient-rich foods and a course of 111GlassSkin treatments is our prescription for glowing skin. For more information on our glowing skin injections, get in touch using the form below.


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