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The operation was a complete success with her satisfaction level being 100%.

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Our Patient Journey

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I consulted a young, female patient who was considering rhinoplasty for many years as she felt self-conscious about her nose.
Her concerns involved the curved bridge of the nose, the downwards appearance of the tip and its width. The patient was interested in having a rhinoplasty that would improve the cosmetic appearance of her nose. However, she desired a natural result that would look subtle in harmony with the rest of the face.

Plan and Preparation

I encouraged the patient to express her ideal results and expectations from the surgery and walked her through the operative strategy and post-operative recovery plan.
3D simulation software was used to provide an indication of post-operative results while managing expectations – this is always a fantastic way to showcase clear and realistic results.
I prepared the patient for a post-operative course by explaining the different stages of recovery. I broke down the recovery in the first two weeks, six weeks and then three months, six months and a year after surgery.

Techniques of the surgery

The technique used during surgery was a fine development of the classic reduction rhinoplasty with the use of modern surgical instruments that leave minimal swelling and bruising following the operation.
The benefit of this operation was that it addressed both the dorsal bridge of the nose as well as the tip which is the most delicate area within the nasal structure.
It required special manoeuvres to curve the cartilage of the tip to give a more feminine appearance.


I provided the patient with usage instructions of my specially formulated healing serum following the removal of the splint plus post-operative care for optimum results.
Our nurses then provided thorough aftercare and check-ins, with the patient seeing me shortly after the surgery and several months later.



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