Liquid Facelift

These strategic injections target several areas




Cheeks & Temples

Both play an important role in the facial structure as well as supporting under the eyes. Through HA fillers, we can enhance lost volume, restore structure and even contour the face for a more pleasing appearance.



Tear Troughs

These two play a crucial role in releasing focus on the nasolabial folds, essentially a pulling back of the midface. The result is an instantly smoother look. This is often the most vicious of fillers, thin enough to easily work with the thin skin around the periorbital area.



Jawline & Chin

The best way to prevent jowls and marionette lines, a more sculpted jaw lends a sculptural sensibility to the patient. Jawline fillers should be combined with chin fillers for a uniformed and enhanced result, often necessary for balancing a profile. This is a deeper injection with a more resilient Hyaluronic Acid – essentially thicker – in order to create less movement, more shape and greater structure.



Dermal Filler Before and After




The Perfect Pairing

While A Liquid Lift is already a significant non-invasive procedure, patients are encouraged to supplement it with several skin-focused treatments. This can include lasers, mesotherapy, skin boosters and bio remodulators like Profhilo or PRP – all work to fortify the skin and encourage post-treatment healing.

The usage of neuromodulators such as commonly known, botulinum toxin A (Botox®) should be used in the forehead, crow’s feet and frown lines, are examples of preventative approaches upon wrinkle formation on muscle movement.



The Result?


Amplified skin hydration
Stimulated collagen synthesis
Softening of the tear troughs
Reduction of the nasolabial folds
Definition and lift of the cheekbones and temples
Correction of the mouth corners
Reduction of marionette lines and jowls
A sharper finish to the shape of the jaw & chin (if desired)
A more sculptural and smooth appearance to the facial structure
The longevity of the procedure varies between 12-18 months and can be discussed with your Aesthetic Nurse.



What Else?

Downtime is minimal, with some gentle side effects that include bruising, swelling and redness. All should settle within the first 48hours. This procedure’s not reported as painful and using cannula makes it safer and more tolerable.




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