Everything You Need To Know About A Liquid Rhinoplasty

What is used during a Liquid Rhinoplasty?

Liquid Rhinoplasty involves using injectables, primarily Dermal Fillers, which are made of a hyaluronic acid gel – this is where the Liquid Rhinoplasty gets its name from as the products used to reshape the nose are made of liquid and have a gel-like consistency.

We use a range of Juvéderm fillers – such as Vobella and Voluma – because they not only last between 12-24 months but also have a high hyaluronic acid concentration meaning that the effect of the filler, and the volume it produces, will be heightened.

What can Liquid Rhinoplasty do?

A lot of our patients asks us during our consultations can a Liquid Rhinoplasty correct a nose hump? And the answer is yes. Correcting nasal bumps, a drooping nose tip, or general asymmetry, are the main concerns this kind of non invasive Rhinoplasty can treat, however, the effects of this would only be temporary.

If you are looking for way to treat flaring or wide nostrils alongside a droopy nasal tip, a Liquid Rhinoplasty may not be for you, instead Botox can be used; or a combination of both Dermal Fillers and Botox – it depends on the look you wish to achieve.

How does a Liquid Rhinoplasty work?

A Liquid Rhinoplasty works like any other Dermal Filler treatment, where you can expect your Injector, Aesthetic Doctor or Aesthetic Nurse, to treat the area and you’ll see immediate results.

You can first expect your practitioner to clean your nose with an anti-microbial solution and then apply numbing cream. You can wear this for around 15-30 minutes – or longer. They will then clean the numbing cream off, mark the area using a white pencil and begin the treatment.

If you are looking to soften out the bridge of the nose, the filler will be injected on an intra-dermal level, as the skin is thinner. When treating the tip, your injector may treat the skin superficially or on a deeper level – depending on the aesthetic result you wish to achieve. This usually requires treating the nasal tip directly.

The nostrils and alar base can be treated too, and this can help to balance to the nose, reduce the height of the nostrils, and created symmetry on all angles of the nose – how it looks on the front view, side and profile views.

What to expect after Liquid Rhinoplasty

After a Liquid Rhinoplasty you can expect some redness and swelling, and potentially bruising in the days following your treatment. This can be reduced with ice packs – and we can give you some immediately after your non-surgical Rhinoplasty.

You’ll be able to see the results almost immediately as the filler gets to work quickly under the skin, gently filling it from within. However the first initial results created will be slightly skewed from the swelling, so the truest results can be seen around one week afterwards – or when all visible signs of treatment are diminished.

The Benefits of Liquid Rhinoplasty

Liquid Rhinoplasty has both advantages and disadvantages – some of them are the following:
  • More time-friendly, taking between 15-30 minutes compared to a 2–4-hour time frame for surgical rhinoplasty and minimal downtime needed
  • Whilst topical anaesthesia is applied, the patient has more control over their overall desired look, as you will be able to see your nose in real time – and can guide your injector with phases like add a little more here, or a little more there, if need be
  • If HA filler is used, the treatment is reversible
  • More affordable

However, some disadvantages to Liquid Rhinoplasty include:

  • Offering results that are only temporary, more treatments will be needed to maintain the new shape.
  • The procedure isn’t suitable for all nose shapes and concerns – for example it isn’t able to fix a deviated septum, twisted nose or permanently reduce or realign the nose.
  • Over time, the cost of treatments can be build up, versus the one-time cost of a Rhinoplasty. So, a Rhinoplasty could potentially save you money in the long run.

Surgical Rhinoplasty versus Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Before and After



Should I get a surgical or non-surgical Rhinoplasty?

A Surgical Rhinoplasty is still one of the most common and leading surgical procedures to date. Existing within the Aesthetics Triangle  – which is what we primarily see when looking at individuals – their eyes and nose, a surgical intervention can create dramatic transformations to your facial aesthetic, ratios and overall harmony. In the best cases when a Rhinoplasty is performed, it alters the size, length, width and shape of both the nose and nostrils.

Typically a regular Rhinoplasty Surgical can take up to 4-hours, and then afterwards there are many follow-ups with our Surgical Nurse to monitor your healing process. The first one, post-surgery, is usually 10 days afterwards after, where we will change the dressing and remove any stitches. This is when your nose cast will first come off and is often a very exciting time for our patients.

So, compare this information with what you know about a Liquid Rhinoplasty, and in most cases, our patients begin by having a Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty as an introductory treatment before undergoing a real Rhinoplasty. Often this is because our patients express their frustration over the temporary results of a Liquid Rhinoplasty and want to just be happy with their nose once and for all.

If you’re torn between undergoing a Liquid or surgical Rhinoplasty, consider the mildness of your concern as Dermal Fillers often give the best results to soften out mild bumps and asymmetries, and will be ineffective for more advanced deviations and anatomical structures. So ask yourself:


  • Do you want to lastingly alter the aesthetic of your nose?
  • Are you aware that all surgeries cannot guarantee the desired shape, width, size and length of your nose – this chance is just dramatically increased?
  • A Rhinoplasty would be extremely beneficial if you’re looking to improve restricted breathing or congestion or deviation
  • Did you know that the results of a Rhinoplasty are permanent and more than one surgery can be completed at the one time?
  • Ask yourself, are you ok with the prolonged recovery and some discomfort after a Rhinoplasty?
  • Are you aware that satisfaction isn’t immediate and you’ll only be able to see the true results once the swelling has gone down, or until even the cartilage is healed?
  • Simulations of your nose can be made and while these are great predictions, they are not guarantees.

If you’re happy with all these factors, the best thing to do would be to book in for a consultation and we will be able to guide you and outline whether a surgical or non-surgical intervention would be needed.



To request a Surgical or Non-Surgical consultation, please complete this form.

Please note, all consultations are subject to the applicable charge below at the time of booking. This is deducted from the cost of your procedure:

Surgical Procedures Virtual Consultation Fee – £200

Surgical Procedures In-Clinic Consultation Fee – Dr Yannis £350

Non-Surgical In-Clinic and Virtual Consultation Fee – £50 which can be refundable afterwards


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