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HydroFacial Plus Treatment

Who is suitable for HydroFacial Plus

Who Is It For?

The HydroFacial Plus treatment can target a range of issues, including rough texture, blackheads, dry and dehydrated skin, lacklustre and dull skin. The treatment is customisable based off the 111SKIN products that accompany the facial.


The benefits of the HydroFacial Plus are as vast as the concerns it treats – patients can expect to see the visibly smoother texture, cleaner and more refined pores as well as brighter and more hydrated skin.

HydroFacial Treatment

What does the treatment involve?

The HydroFacial Plus will both exfoliate and extract without damaging the epidermal barrier or disrupting any surface-level capillaries, which is often an issue with extraction.

Give your facial an extra kick with our add-ons –

Ultrasound – Ideal for melting fat and activating collagen production

Multipolar RF – Remodels collagen and improves skin elasticity

Bohr – Refines pores, reduces redness and infuses oxygen within the skin

Cryo/Heat – A thermotech system that uses vasodilation to increase absorption

Oxygen – A skin cleaning system that refreshes and revitalises

Results of Hydro Facial Plus

Treatment Time

The treatment is pain free and will last around 45-90 minutes, depending on any add-on treatments.


A non-ablative and non-invasive rejuvenation, HydroFacial Plus enhances the tone and texture of all skin types without discomfort or downtime.


HydroFacial Plus is an all-rounder; that is to say it can thoroughly cleanse the skin, resurface rough texture, extract deeply lodged impurities and hydrate the dermis with 20x more efficacy that topical serums. The suction technology also has additional lymphatic drainage and micro-circulation benefits, reducing water retention for a more sculpted appearance.

Utilising 111SKIN products and a bespoke blend of functions that include exfoliation, ultrasound, multipolar radiofrequency, oxygen infusion and Cryo/Heat technology – HydroFacial Plus is ideal for thorough complexion maintenance and event preparation.


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