Treatment for Blackheads London
Chemical Peel for blackhead

Chemical Peels

Whilst all peels are determined during your consultation, Chemical Peels are split between mild and superficial peels (requiring no down time) and moderately intense peels (requiring 7-10 days down time).

Superficial Peels typically use Glycolic Acid, Retinoic, Lactic, Mandelic, Pyruvic, TCA or Salicylic Acid to temporarily puncture and replenish the epidermis. In doing so it helps to restructure and regenerate the skin’s dermal layers helping to improve scarring, pigmentation, oil and impurities build up.

More moderate peels will intensify the quantity and efficacy of ingredients such as TCA to remove the damaged dermal layer, making room for cell regeneration to take place. Both types of chemical peels are extremely popular at kickstarting your skin’s natural processes and for those suffering with acne and blackheads, will help to improve and neutralize the condition.

Isolaz for blackhead


A safe and effective treatment for acne and blackheads in the summer, Isolaz purifies the pores deep down and attacks the P.acnes bacteria as the root cause. Combining the vacuum technology, Isolaz, alongside light technology targets the cells beneath the surface, effectively treating acne from the inside out.

*It is recommended that a number of treatments are required in order to see significant change.

Clarity Facial


Treating all forms of acne – papules, pustules, nodules and acne vulgaris, Clearskin penetrates the skin and destroys the p.acnes bacteria directly. Utilizing laser and light technology, Clearskin diminishes congestion, reduces scarring and extracts the accumulated sebaceous material from the pores.



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