Lip flip VS Lip Filler
What is Lip flip

Lip Flip

What is the Lip Flip Treatment?
The Lip flip treatment is a non-surgical treatment that essentially provides you with fuller lips in one effective treatment. Injecting botox into the upper lip, it creates the illusion of a fuller lip by relaxing the muscle above the lip, making it look more prominent.

What Does the Treatment Involve?
Like any botox treatment, the Botulinumtoxin A is injected into the top lip, and with over 10 years of renowned experience at 111 Harley St., our practitioners will create the most natural, fuller-looking lips. Taking no more than 5-minutes in total, the lip flip treatment is gaining in popularity for enhancing the area.

Why Is it Such A Good Alternative to Filler?
Whilst filler can also increase the lip size and create the illusion of a larger lip, the lip flip is less invasive and less expensive than dermal fillers but still creates similar, if not advanced, results.

Who is it Suited For?
The treatment is suited for anyone who wants to enhance their lips, but all can be determined in a one-to-one consultation.

Lip Flip VS Lip Filler

The Lip Flip .vs. Lip Filler

The Lip Flip significantly enhances the natural shape of your lips without exaggerating them or making them appear unrealistic – to note this is possible if having lip filler.
– Lip Flip is less invasive and less expensive.
– No downtime is needed for Lip Flip as opposed to filler, where dependent on the body’s reaction can swell until completely healed.
– Other Factors to note:
The lip flip isn’t as immediate for showcasing results compared to lip filler. They also don’t last as long (often 4-6 weeks) compared to filler which can last over two months (with significant change to shape and size as the filler dissolves naturally in the body).


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