Dye-VL Treatment
What is Dye-VL treatment

What is Dye-VL?

The specific method is known as photo rejuvenation and by the Dye-VL treatment this is extremely effective in pigmentation removal, vascular lesion removal and capillary removal – essentially evening and clearing the complexion. It works as a non-invasive advanced type of IPL laser, that penetrates light to the exact area of concern, and without damaging the skin around it.

How does Dye-VL work?

The heated technology, specifically focuses on the damaged vessels or pigmented areas, by ‘damaging’ the melanin cells, it forces the body’s natural healing process and encourages a process of rejuvenation. Whilst the initial areas will become darker initially, overtime, it will heal, skin may flake and reveal a more even and brighter skin tone underneath.

Benefits of Dye-VL

What can Dye-VL be used on?
There are many factors that can contribute to pigmentation but the beauty of Dye-VL is that it is versatile enough to be tailored to an array of concerns:
– Vascular lesions
– Pigmentation
– Large pores
– Sun damaged skin
– Wrinkles & fine lines
– Sun and age spots

What to expect during and post treatment?
Typically treatments last anywhere between 20-40 minutes depending on the area being treated. As far as pain is noted, patients experience little to no pain or discomfort. There is also no downtime required but you may notice the area of skin become darker in the week following the treatment but this will improve with time.

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