What is PDO Threads Lift

What is a PDO Thread Lift?

A PDO Thread Lift involves using state of the art polydioxanone threads targeted underneath the skin at the treated areas to lift and anchor the skin.

How do PDO Threads work?

With a small needle or cannula, the threads are administered under the skin and are left securely in place until they dissolve over time. They force the body into its natural healing process, which stimulates the skin’s collagen production to help the tightening overall.
The treads are non-allergic, non-antigenic and naturally biodegrade in the body, causing it no harm.

What are the benefits of a PDO Thread Lift?

This minimally invasive treatment provides more options for improving sagging skin. A longer-lasting alternative to Botox or filler but nowhere near as intrusive as a facelift, thread lifts are the perfect middle-ground for any candidate wanting to tighten their skin. The benefits of the treatment include minimal downtime and the ability to be combined with other treatments, and minor side effects or adverse reactions.

What areas can be treated with a PDO Thread Lift?

However, the beauty of a thread lift is its versatility, and the areas that it can treat include;
– The jawline
– Lift and shape the brow
– Re-volumise the cheeks
– Lift the eye area
– Tighten the neck

Benefits of PDO threads lift

PDO Thread Lifts .vs. Filler: Time and Transformation

With other treatments such as dermal filler on the menu, you may wonder what the difference is? And what is preferred? Dermal fillers use injectable hyaluronic acid to sculpt and firm the skin, whereas PDO thread lifts involve small incisions (often made in the hairline) to pull and tighten the skin.

Both treatments are incredibly effective at lifting and tightening the skin. The main difference between thread lifts and filler is the time you have to spare and how long you want your results to last. We recommend dermal fillers for those who want a subtle approach with a quick treatment of 15 minutes or less. While those seeking more advanced results, thread lifts are strongly encouraged. Often lasting between 1-3 years and a treatment completed within an hour, the transformation is far from modest. Thread lifts have the variation to create more minor changes, but they also have the innovation to transform the complexion without surgical solutions such as facelifts.

PDO Thread Lifts .vs. Filler: Risks and Pain Threshold

While pain is subjective to every client, it is said that PDO threads will hurt more than dermal filler. And because of the type of procedure as a minimally-invasive treatment, threads are riskier in treatment (a risk of facial asymmetry).

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