How Advanced Facial Rejuvenation Works

Many of our patients are looking for transformations but do not want to undergo a surgical procedure to achieve them. So, we have created another non-surgical option. We believe that surgery is not the only way to achieve a complete, 360-degree enhancement ­– or improve your individual facial features – and this is where Advanced Facial Rejuvenation come in.

Maintaining a sense of invisibility is the fundamental core of Advanced Rejuvenation treatments. Our Aesthetic Doctor will ensure you still look like you, while producing results that will leave your friends and family wondering. This treatment harnesses the power of injectables such as Botox injections or dermal fillers with a combination approach using Soft Threads. This expert technique of layering can be an exceptionally effective option to target a multitude of concerns in one treatment.


The Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of Advanced Facial Rejuvenation is its anti-ageing and sculpting abilities. Not only does it lift, tighten, and contour any areas affected by loss of volume, it can additionally restore harmony and balance to asymmetrical or over-prominent facial features.

Why Now?

Autumn is a great time for aesthetic enhancements because it can act as a post-summer treatment to reverse any wrinkles that may have deepened through UV exposure. Many people prefer to choose wintertime for any aesthetic treatments as especially with laser, or light-based technology, it is recommended to avoid the sun. So, depending on what our Aesthetic Doctor recommends, you may benefit from some radiofrequency or laser treatments alongside your injectables. During your consultation, your Aesthetic Doctor will analyse the areas that may benefit greatly from renewal.

What Can You Expect During Advanced Facial Rejuvneation?

Before any treatment, you’ll first have a consultation with our expertly trained and highly qualified Aesthetic Doctor who will assess your skin and recommend the optimal doses, treatment areas and which non-surgical approach would be most advantageous. Then, on the day of your treatment they will cleanse the area, mark the areas and administer the injections. Our Aesthetic Doctor is highly skilled and trained to deliver the injections in a seamless, gentle way to ensure your comfort levels aren’t compromised.

What Options Are There?

Depending on your concern, our Aesthetic Doctor may recommend any of the following treatments:

Dermal fillers – With immense powers to uplift and volumize, dermal fillers can completely revitalise and rejuvenate your appearance. Making it a first choice to treat hollowing, sagging, loss of structure, shape, and definition.

Botox Injections ­– To soften static and dynamic wrinkles for smoother, firmer, and overall, more youthful-looking skin. If you’re looking for something subtle, baby botox may be recommended.

Profhilo –A glowing-giving injectable to boost luminosity. Hydrates and remodels the skin to improve texture, lines and laxity. The overall effect is plumper, smoother and firmer skin.

Soft Threads – An injectable procedure that introduces threads under the surface of the skin to subtly lift it. Suitable for the jawline and neck, and can also reshape the brow and eye area for the coveted ‘cat-eye’ look or brow lift. As the threads dissolve, collagen production increases, keeping the skin firmer for up to a year.

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty ­– Using dermal fillers, you can improve the appearance of humps, asymmetry or contour the bridge or tip of your nose. As the nose sits central to your face, they play an integral role in our facial ratio. So, if you’re unhappy with how yours’s looks. Dermal fillers last for around 6-12 months, so it is a lasting, non-invasive way to dramatically improve your appearance.

Non-Surgical Facelift, also known as our Advanced Facial Rejuvenation. A combination approach of the above elements to help create your ideal natural-looking complexion.

Discover Non-Surgical Powers

Our Quick Guide to Advanced Facial Rejuvenation

  • Treatment Time: Estimated 45mins-1 Hour
  • Downtime: Minimal – Bruising and Swelling Can Occur
  • Lasting Effects: Estimated Between 6-18months
  • Age Restriction: 18+ Years Old

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