1. Jaw Reshaping and Chin Reduction

We’re kicking it off with Jaw Reshaping and Chin Reduction. These are two very popular procedures in our Harley Street clinic and are less invasive thanks to their advanced technology.

This is because of the Piezo. The Piezotome, shortened to Piezo, is an ultrasonic medical device that sculpts the bone and atraumatically affects the surrounding tissues or skin. It is often used during both Jaw Reshaping and Chin Reduction and means your recovery will be quicker compared to Jaw Surgeries using previous techniques.

How does it work?

A Piezo uses ultrasonic energy which makes it less invasive than more blunt tools used for surgery in previous years.

You can expect Dr Yannis to make an incision within the mouth, in the fold where the bottom lip begins. He will then have access to the mandibular bone where the Piezo allows him to sculpt the bone with greater accuracy and ensure a smoother healing process once the surgery is complete.

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Once the bone trimming surgery is done, Dr Yannis will close the incision and create a compression wrapping beneath the chin and around your head to keep your jaw in the same place for the first two days whilst the initial healing begins.

Around a week later, you will then have a follow-up with our Surgical Nurse Zuzana who will monitor your healing process and offer you LED or Endermologie (lymphatic massage) to decrease swelling and rapidly kickstart the internal mobilisation of fluid so you can enjoy your results faster. You will additionally be given some of Dr Yannis’ world-famous Dramatic Healing Serum – which was the inspiration for his skincare brand, 111SKIN.

We always advise that for around two weeks you sleep on your back with pillows elevating your head.

As this surgery involves making an incision in the mouth (an intraoral incision), this means you have to be careful what you eat so you don’t cause an infection, we recommend washing fruits and vegetables before eating and avoiding raw fish, or rare meat that may contain high amounts of bacteria.

For the first five days, we recommend a soft food / liquid diet and absolutely avoid hot drinks for the first three days definitely substitute any tea and coffee for their iced alternatives.

2. Botox

Jaw Injections are another popular, non-surgical way to shape the jawline. This is also called Masseter Botox. A lot of people may think ‘How can an anti-wrinkle injection make my jawline smaller?’ but it can! Ingeniously, alongside being the most popular anti-wrinkle injection in the world, when botulinum toxin is injected into this region, it relaxes the muscles and helps to contour the lower face.

How does it work?

When placed in the masseter, it not only helps to improve teeth grinding, reduce jawline tension, relieve headaches and migraines. But aesthetically, it additionally can create a more squared jawline as well as balancing the overall face shape.

It usually lasts around two months and takes two weeks for the full effect to show. Top-ups are needed to maintain your results.

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Last but not least, we have Dermal Fillers. Dermal Filler for the jawline creates more dramatic results compared Masseter Botox, as it physically adds more volume, whereas Botox enhances your existing jaw shape.

This is ideal for those who have a weak chin or undefined jawline and are looking for a minimally-invasive, immediate – albeit temporary – solution towards lower face sculpting.


Using the most high-quality Dermal Fillers made from ultra-pure hyaluronic acid fillers, our Aesthetic team meticulously identifies which part of the jaw needs enhancing, which can be just the chin, one side of the jawline (to counteract asymmetry concerns), or both the chin and jawline for a more complete transformation.

Dermal Filler usually last around 6-12 months, however, this time can vary depending on how quickly your body breaks down the filler.

Contact our team here, or call us on 0344 692 1111 to book your surgical / non-surgical consultation. We also offer virtual consultation for those unable to make a trip to see us at our flagship 111 Harley St. clinic.

How To Define Your Jaw FAQs

Filler movement, or migration, is one of the risks associated with filler, and this means where the filler is placed is extremely important to ensure that it does not move to above or below the jaw. To avoid migration, visit an Aesthetic Nurse, Doctor or experienced practitioner.

Luckily, filler migration can be easily corrected by dissolving the filler with Hyalase. Another way to break down filler can be by using aesthetic devices, such as almost infrared light or ultrasound.

Aesthetic Jaw Surgery, to reshape or reduce the jaw – is usually performed with a device that shaves and sculpts the bone (without causing trauma to the surrounding skin tissues). This is a called a Piezotome and you can learn more about it here.

Additionally, all our Jaw Surgeries are performed under general anaesthetic, have no invisible incisions (meaning no scars), and do not require at overnight say.

There are many types of lower face jaw shapes; from oval, to diamond, square or round.

The most-sought after jaw shape requested from Dr Yannis’ patients would be to create a more oval, V-shaped jawline – especially for his male patients.

This sculpted jawline look is an aesthetic trend that has taken 111 Harley St. by storm and can be achieved both non-surgically and surgically.

Some tips to get a more sculpted jaw would be to use a gua sha, and incorporate lymphatic massage at home (or you could try our in-clinic treatment, Endermologie treatment for the best results.) Massage is thought to reduce water retention and lead to a more toned look – however this is disputed.

There has been some stir around jaw exercises and whether they actually work – things like chewing gum rigorously or doing mouth movements to tone the masseter muscles. While these things may work, it will not enhance your bone structure, especially if you have an anatomically-retrusive jawline.

Things such as Dermal Fillers combined with a Chin Implant, or Submental Liposuction, can help to reveal more definition and generally a more significant transformation can only be produced through surgical intervention.

However, if you are set on a non-surgical option, Thermage JawSculpt can produce immense results. This combines our skin-tightening radiofrequency treatment, Thermage FLX, with Masseter Botox injections, to give you a two-pronged approach towards getting better jaw definition.

The first prong is working to improve the skin’s structure on a dermal level (this is where Thermage FLX comes in), and the second, works to give you the more immediate and visible results you’d expect from most skin treatments (enter the Botox).


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