What is Traptox used for?

Traptox Botox gets it’s name from the area it is injected into, the trapezius. The trapezius, sometimes known as ‘the traps’ is a diamond shaped muscle that begins at the top of the neck and goes down to the middle of the spine. However, Botox on the traps is only injected into the top of this muscle where some of the benefits seen are:

✓ Soothes overactive muscles

✓ Can improve headaches and the reduce the frequency of muscle spasms

✓ Can elongate the neck

✓ Helps to relieve muscle tension and pain caused by poor posture

✓ May enhance the appearance of the jawline too

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Botox® Quick Guide

  • Ideal for: Those looking to diminish tension in the neck and elongate it
  • Treatment time: 30+ mins
  • Recovery: Some bruising can occur
  • Results seen: Approximately 2 weeks

What does Traptox Do?

Anti-wrinkle injections in general work to temporarily block the chemical release of the primary neurotransmitter involved in muscle movement called acetylcholine. This results in the softening of static and dynamic wrinkles for smoother, firmer, and overall, more youthful-looking skin.

So to emphasise, for all those wondering if you can get Botox in your traps, the answer is yes! As well as Botox being able to improve migraines, excessive sweating and teeth grinding, it also works to relax overactive trap muscles – soothing the shoulders and relieving tension in this area.

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Here are some common questions regarding Traptox:

How many units for Traptox?

Of course, this depends how active the trapezius is and the type of result you wish to achieve, but a guide can be around 50 units per shoulder. During your initial consultation this will be confirmed with our Aesthetic Doctor or Nurse. Sometimes a Botox course may be necessary.

Are Botox Injections safe?

BOTOX® is an FDA-approved treatment created by the globally-leading pharmaceutical brand, Allergan and has been used in the cosmetic industry for over twenty years. So in this respect, it is extremely safe. However, one thing that can implicate a Botox result is who administers these anti wrinkle injections.

You should always choose a highly-qualified medical professional for Botox, or any injectable treatment – our Botox injections are administered by our Aesthetic Doctor, Dr Ivona, or our Aesthetic Nurse Prescriber, Claudia so you can be assured of 111 Harley St.’s quality Botox injections.

When will my Botox for my traps start working?

The full effect of your Botox for traps can take up to two weeks to see the full effect. However, some patients can start to notice a difference in the days following the treatment. All in all, there is a short waiting time involved but once settled you can enjoy the elongation of the neck and the other benefits for many weeks. Botox starts to wear off gradually – around the six weeks to 3 months mark. However, this time can fluctuate depending on the strength of the trapezius muscle, which can mean your Botox might wear off faster or slower than normal.

To maintain the effects of your Botox, top-up treatments are required.

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