If there’s one laser treatment that can give you a glow, it’s ADVATx – alongside changing everything we thought we knew about lasers – ADVATx gives you on-the-day results without the long downtime typically associated with lasers.

While being able to target, acne, melasma, thread veins and more, ADVATx is also perfect for maintaining excellent dermal health and giving the skin a rejuvenated, glowing look overall. It’s distinct yellow light and soft pulse technology gradually heats the skin and stimulates collagen for plumper, healthier skin after one session.

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ClearLift or ClearSkin

These two laser treatments are like sisters, one is ideal for ageing concerns and the other for clearing blemished skin. Similarly to ADVATx, these lasers are pain-free and work gradually to give you the refreshed skin you’ve always wanted.

ClearLift is a laser treatment that works on the mid-upper dermis where the route of sun-damage and signs of ageing such as wrinkles, pigmentation and uneven skin tone occurs. After a course of treatments, you can expect it to help rebuild depleting collagen levels, replenishing these youth-enhancing proteins in your skin, while resurfacing the epidermis for an even tone and texture. The biggest benefits? An improvement in fine lines and wrinkles, skin tightening and rejuvenation.


ClearSkin, on the other hand, uses light and laser energy to kill acne-causing bacteria, reduce excess oils and remove dead skin cells that lead to a blemished, dull complexion. This helps to de-congest the skin and the appearance of pores that become stretched ­­–then its built-in vacuum technology lifts debris further from the pores, helping to shrink their appearance.

Some of the benefits of this treatment is that improves acne, reduces oil production, makes skin soft and fresh and encourages cellular generation.




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iPixel for C-Section Treatment


For those with more problematic skin, iPixel is one treatment to consider if you’re looking to minimise makeup routines in the morning and get on the road to having skin you simply want to flaunt.

Our iPixel hand-piece is a fractional, ablative laser, meaning that instead of treating the whole surface of the skin, as a fully ablative laser would, it treats a targeted area of skin using precise beams in a grid-like formation.

This treatment is perfect for those with acne scarring, large pores or age spots and after a course of treatments you can expect unblemished skin and a new, softer skin tone. As this is a resurfacing treatment, this essentially gives you a fresh layer of new skin cells.

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