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1. The results can last a lifetime!

One of the biggest benefits of any surgical intervention is that the results can last a very, very long time. They are also immediate. So, if you’re fed up with the ephemeral qualities of Nose Filler or have always wanted to straighten the hook in your nose or have a smaller nose, Rhinoplasty is a permanent solution to consider.

The thought of surgery can be daunting, which is why we like to bridge the gap between the known and unknown through our Instagram, so new patients can see videos of exactly what you can expect during your Rhinoplasty journey with us at 111 Harley St.

Equally, you can also see some fantastic Rhinoplasty before and after pictures below!

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2. A Rhinoplasty Is Customisable

Another benefit of a Rhinoplasty is that each one is customisable. No Rhinoplasty is the same because no nose is the same, and Dr Yannis, one of the best Plastic Surgeons on Harley Street, is known for the natural results he creates.

He believes that the secret to creating a loved Rhinoplasty result is finding the right balance, one that’s between meeting the aims of the patient and ensuring the nose still looks natural. Dr Yannis believes that a good Rhinoplasty result is one that is so well-suiting to your face that those around you will not be able to tell you’ve had surgery.

This concept goes against the traditional perceptions of Plastic Surgery. These cultural ideas once perceived the industry as negative, and the results produced within them, were unnaturally obvious, and produced these exaggerated versions of ourselves. But this is a reductive view – and luckily, society is moving away from this idea for the better. We are welcoming in the days where most forms of self-care and self-improvement are celebrated, and why shouldn’t Plastic Surgery be one of them?

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3. There are both aesthetic and medical benefits to a Rhinoplasty!

Although a Rhinoplasty is usually an aesthetic procedure, it does have its medical benefits. The biggest one is that it can improve breathing and then, in turn, improve sleep quality.

As the nasal canals can be blocked, a Rhinoplasty can help to clear the nasal passages and can help fix a deviated septum too. It can also reduce the size of the nostrils (called a Nostril Reduction) as sometimes when the nostrils are too wide or too small, this can interfere with regular breathing.

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4. It can leave no scars!

As scars can be key indicators of cosmetic surgery, we have a special type of Rhinoplasty called an Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty (or Closed Rhinoplasty) that leaves no external signs of surgery. This means that all incisions are made within the nostrils.

Another benefit of a no scar Rhinoplasty is that it’s less invasive than a Traditional Rhinoplasty, so this means less recovery and more time to enjoy your new nose!

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5. Confidence

Last, but not least, is confidence! The increased confidence a Rhinoplasty brings to a patient’s life is one of the biggest benefits of having it done, and according to the Society of Plastic Surgeons ‘confidence is the most common thing patients express after undergoing cosmetic procedures.

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Dr Yannis Alexandrides MD FACS

Not only 111 Harley St.’s Founder and Medical Director, Dr Yannis is also our triple-board certified resident doctor.

Facelifts are a speciality of his that has been crafted through his over 20 years of medical expertise, deep understanding of the ageing process and extensive knowledge of facial anatomy. He is also a pioneer of facelifts with his eponymous Y Facelift technique and the founder of 111SKIN.

Alongside creating exceptional transformations, his excellent eye and skill has ensured that 111 Harley St. remain at the forefront of surgical innovation.



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