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Benefits of Cryotherapy

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Pain Relief & Muscle Healing

In the same way that ice packs are added after an injury, and Cryotherapy is believed to help with any muscle pain by increasing blood circulation to the area and speeding up the healing process.


Whilst Cryotherapy alone will not aid in weight loss; there has been research explored into how cryotherapy aids in weight loss. By increasing the metabolism, cryotherapy speeds up your body’s natural responses as the exert of energy is used to keep the body warm against freezing temperatures.

Reducing Inflammation

One of the symptoms that increase the severity of chronic conditions such as arthritis, eczema, diabetes and dementia is inflammation. Cryotherapy is proven to reduce inflammation by reducing oxidative stress and restriction in the body. All in all, helping to alleviate the severity of the inflammation and condition.

Mental Clarity

Like a form of exercise, extensive research into Cryotherapy has noted its benefits on the mind. Often described as a euphoria moment, the release of endorphins helps to reduce anxiety and stress and heightens a sense of calm and clarity.

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At-home alternatives.

The efficacy of a cryo-chamber at 111CRYO in Knightsbridge and Harvey Nichols is second to none. A similar version of cryotherapy can be achieved at home for the skin. Inspired by Cryotherapy; the 111SKIN Regenerative range uses ingredients and formulas such as ATP to stimulate similar effects that help to detox and refresh the skin.
A health method many can integrate into your routine, book in for your cryotherapy treatment.


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