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Rubbing on eye creams and moisturiser
Many rub the product between hands, slap or rub the cream all over the face, causing tugging at the eyes. This can damage collagen and break capillaries. You should aim to treat the skin like you would with a newborn; pat the product onto the skin. For eye cream, apply with a ring finger.

Tugging eye when applying eyeliner
Liquid eyeliner can be a nuisance, especially when attempting to get eyeliner flicks on both sides. Often, we wipe the skin on the eyelids and the outer corner of the eyes to try and rectify the mistakes making the skin red and inflamed. Although you may be in a hurry, it’s best to gently remove the smudges with makeup remover and a cotton bud.

Removing makeup with a makeup wipe
Removing makeup with a makeup wipe encourages breakouts and often irritates the skin around the eyes. The aggressive wiping and rubbing motion will make the eyes sore as they often contain alcohol and preservatives. Instead, try to use oil-based makeup remover.



Prep and soothe with hydrating gel serums
Whether suffering from dark circles, puffiness or fine lines, investing in a highly-concentrated gel serum is recommended to restore, soothe and repair skin. The 111SKIN Space Defence Bright Eye Lift Gel NAC Y2 is patented with the NAC Y2 formula, which helps to boost antioxidant levels in the eye area to repair the orbital area. Also formulated with caffeine, Argireline and a vitamin B complex, this helps constrict muscles to tighten the area, reduce lines, improve dark circles, and reduce pigmentation.

Skin and make-up prep with an eye mask
As a quick 15-minute prep option before applying your make-up or as part of your skincare routine, the Celestial Black Diamond Eye Mask is a superior mask to try and improve your dark circles or sensitive eye area. They are made up of hyaluronic acid to hydrate the eye area, a peptide complex to strengthen the cells and reduce fine li, and a small yet potent dose of retinol to refresh and retexture, surely improving dark circles with every use.

Take it to the clinic.
Sometimes dark circles result from trauma, allergies or hereditary and no skincare products or routines will vastly improve the dark circles. Tear Trough Fillers are your answer to reducing these dark circles or sagging under the eye area. Injecting a hyaluronic gel will help moisture the skin and plump volume from underneath the skin.


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