What it’s like to have a Jessner skin peel

Guest post experience: Jessner Peel

A Jessner chemical skin peel will rejuvenate the skin by removing superficial layers of the skin.

The consultation

When meeting with the aesthetic nurse Melissa, I had a thorough skin consultation to discuss and assess my needs. At first, I thought all I was in need of was a 111SKIN reparative facial to hydrate and nourish my dry skin. I’ve always suffered from dry skin, but just recently I had broken out in between my eyebrows and Melissa had noticed I also had congestion on my chin which was creating a rough texture – soon to also turn out into a breakout. I wasn’t certain of what had caused my most recent breakout on my forehead but Melissa asked me almost immediately if I had had my eyebrows threaded recently (which I had). I had not had any soothing gel applied afterwards and Melissa informed me that this was likely to be the underlying reason for the problem. It’s amazing what you can learn from the highly experienced aestheticians. As a result, she believed I would benefit from the Jessner chemical skin peel to clear up the spots.

The application

First of all, my existing blemishes were extracted, and I also had a couple of milia (small white cysts caused by keratin trapped under the skin) which were removed too. While ever so slightly uncomfortable, the process was very therapeutic as I felt my skin was becoming brighter and cleaner by the second. Once the surface was thoroughly cleansed the first thin layer of the Jessner Peel was applied with a brush. The substance settled on my skin for 3-5 minutes, and I felt a slight tingling sensation – it might be compared to the feeling of nail polish remover on your skin or similar. The step was repeated, and again, I felt a mild heat and burning sensation, but this was wholly tolerable, and I did not feel the need for any pain relief. My peel was very soft and gentle.As she removed the Jessner peel, the burning sensation intensified, but the discomfort quickly subsided as Melissa sprayed some cooling mist over my face, which provided relief to my skin. My skin looked a little red immediately after the treatment, and I was not allowed to apply any makeup for the rest of the day.

The peeling

Over the next 3-5 days, certain areas of my skin became frosty and flaky such as my skin and around my nostrils. The forehead and cheeks had mild flaking around day 4. On day 4, I noticed a slight peeling around my nostrils, but this is the only area that ‘peeled’. The chin was very itchy, and the substance had taken to this area the most. It had a crusty and flaky texture, and so I ensured that the chin was thoroughly hydrated with organic moisturiser. I did not pick or encourage the flaking; it is best to leave it alone for it to heal naturally.After nearly two weeks, the breakout between my brows has wholly diminished, and the dryness and roughness on my chin have also been eradicated. I am still having slight trouble concerning spots on my chin, but my skin overall seems significantly brighter and refreshed.

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